Endangered Animals: We are Responsible

Man has named over 1.5 million species till now. Due to overpopulation, carelessness and some uncontrollable changes, many beautiful and unique creatures have been (are being) vanished from the face of the earth. According to IUCN Red List 2008, the number of totally extinct animal species is now over 840 (1983-2008). To make the problem worse, currently about 1566 animal species are right on the verge of extinction (critically endangered). Moreover a study shows that about 23% species of mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles and fish are now threatened by extinction in total. This is indeed a great threat to our eco-system. Source
Quoting from the site AboutMyPlanet “One reason many animals are becoming, or have already become, extinct is human hunting and poaching. Elephants are slaughtered simply for their two ivory tusks in order to make pretty little ornaments that adorn shelves intended to impress strangers. Baby seals are bludgeoned for their tiny furs in order to make fashionable coats for rich people lacking in self-worth. Tigers, lions, and other beautifully coated mammals are hunted for the same inane reason seals are. Sharks are speared for their impressive jaws and bones, for glory and to make herbal concoctions. Countless other animals are shot, killed, and hung on a wall as compensation for much smaller 'heads'.”
9 fascinating animals which are on the verge of extinction:

The Iberian Lynx:
#Cause of endangerment: they live only on rabbits. In early 1950s humans introduced a virus illegally, which reduced the number of rabbits dramatically, to protect their crops. As the number of rabbits reduced, the Lynx population also reduced.
#Current population: 100-150

Saiga Antelope:
#Cause of endangerment: Demand for their horns is very high. Poaching for their horns has reduced their number more than 97.9% in the last 60 years.
#Current population: Less than 42,000

Sumatran Tiger:
#Cause of endangerment: Poaching and loss of its natural habitat due to logging.
#Current population: About 400

endangered animals we are responsibleSilky Sifaka:
#Cause of endangerment: They are found only in Madagascar. Locals hunt these beautiful animals for their meat.
#Current population: 100-1,000

#Cause of endangerment: They live only in Mexico’s Gulf of California. Each year 40-80 Vaquitas get trapped in nets and get killed.
#Current population: Less than 600

Javan Rhino:
#Cause of endangerment: Its horn is very expensive. Because of poaching now Javan Rhino is on the verge of extinction.
#Current population: Less than 60

endangered animals we are responsible
Cross River Gorilla:
#Cause of endangerment: Habitat loss and death due to the bushmeat trade.
#Current population: 250-300

South China Tiger:
#Cause of endangerment: in 1959 Mao Zedong declared this animal a “pest” and “our enemy”. So people started killing South China Tiger.
#Current population: 60 in captivity, extinct in wild

Amur Leopard:
#Cause of extinction: Habitat loss, deforestation, urbanization.
#Current population: Less than 135

endangered animals we are responsibleTo read more about these animals in details visit ecoworldly.com

The reason why I mentioned the name of these animals is that, I wanted to show that the main reason behind the extinction of most of the animals is man made. Introduction of new chemicals, deforestation, urbanization and poaching are the main causes of this extinction. The extinction of any species has a chain affect. If a certain kind of insect becomes extinct, the larger animal which lives on it will also become extinct. So, we have to be careful about each step we take which affects the eco-system.

The aim behind this post:
1. To raise awareness
2. To make people conscious about their surroundings
3. To make people conscious about their activities

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  1. really... it is becoming a greater concert day by day... i think stopping poaching and stuff is of greater importance than global warming.. poaching can be halted..global warming is kinda difficult to stop!!



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  4. how could people harm such beautiful animals?They also desever to live free and not in cages or in zoos.Animals as well have feelings as we do,they dont like humans just go destory their home.