Ways to Reduce Water Wastage in Home

A little introduction

Water is the most important element of any creature’s life. A person can survive weeks without any food, but none can survive 3 days without any water.

Getting on the same page

Like many developing countries, Bangladesh has a severe crisis for pure drinking water. Due to pollution, very bad distribution system and wastage people living in the congested urban areas has to deal with this crisis everyday. Because of water pollution, the water of many rivers are now too polluted to be treated in the water treatment facilities. In many places the water people gets is just too dirty to use as there are literally worms in the water. They have to stand in lines for hours to get a bucket or bottle full of fresh water. This is not just the scene of my country. Many developing countries are faced with this same problem. I am just using the name of my country because I can relate to it.

People all around the world are having a very hard time coping with this problem. And we, who have no shortage of fresh water supply, are using more than we actually need, we are wasting it.

Ways to stop water wastage in home

1. 40% of all the water used in a household is being flushed down the toilet. No one needs all that water for that purpose. Using low flush tanks can solve this wastage. You reduce the tank space by putting a bottle full of water or stones in it. This will reduce water wastage in some extend. For example, if you live in a family of three and you put a half liter bottle inside the flush tank, you will be saving 270 liters of water every month. And please, don’t use your toilet as an ashtray or dustbin.

2. 20 gallons of water per day can be wasted through very small leaks in faucets or pipes. The number can be multiplied if the leak is bigger. So often check the pipelines for leaks.

3. Using bath-tabs wastes a lot of water. Taking a shower consumes much less water. And honestly, I don’t think taking a shower of one hour is a “need”.

4. Closing the tap carefully is a wise thing to do. Sometimes due to carelessness we leave the tap running even after our work there is done. If a running tap drops one drop of water each second, you’ll have wasted 4 liters of water during your sleep. You can use a water meter to check for water leaks. Water meter can be a useful tool for checking for any leaks.

5. Many people keep the water running while they are brushing their teeth or washing dishes which is not at all a necessity. Please turn the tap off after you have wetted your toothbrush.

6. Wash multiple cloths together if possible. Washing them one dress at a time, requires more water than washing multiples at once.

6. During the war in Rwanda, Bangladesh Army went there on a peace keeping mission on behalf of UN. They had to face with the problem of severe lack of water there. To cope up with this problem they followed certain rules. I am not requesting anyone to follow these rules. I am just pointing it out because I think this is something that everyone should know.

* They laid a paper on their plates and then served food so that the dishes would not require cleaning.

* They used and re-used water 3 times to consume less fresh water. First they collected the water they used in shower and re-used it to wash dirty clothes. Then finally they re-used the same water in toilets.

Gross? No. It’s called lack of water and the power of wishful thinking.

I hope this post was helpful. If you have any more ideas about saving water in our day to day life please let us know by writing it down in the comment section.

The aim of this post:
1. Making people conscious.
2. Showing people some ways to stop wasting water in their homes.
3. Inspiring people to respect the natural elements.

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  1. WOW such great tips, thanks for sharing.
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  3. statement number 4 - what i did most. haha...
    will try to improve better. thanks for advise.

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  9. I am just using the name of my country because I can relate to it.

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