How to Ruin Your Life in 10 Easy Steps

Do you want to ruin your life? But don’t know how to do that? Well, you have come to the right place. Below there are 10 tips for you which will help you to successfully ruin your life. By following these tips in no time your life will be upside down. Family bonding will loosen, friends will hate you, and your grades will drop, might as well get kicked out of the job. You might also find yourself awake during the night and you will be sleeping all through the day.

So here are the 10 easy steps to successfully ruin your life:
1. Never finish what you’ve started. Always quit. Always jump from one job to another. This will definitely help you to not find success in anything that you do. This will increase restlessness in you. You might as well find yourself in deep depression after a few quick failures.

2. Be passive. Do nothing. Be spineless. Always wait for others to act. This will help you to hide your individuality and reduce the charm of your personality, preventing you from being liked by anyone.

3. Be ignorant. Never care about what is happening in your locality let alone the world. Who cares about the poor unfed kids in Zimbabwe or Somalia? or the massive innocent death toll in Afghanistan, Iraq or Gaza? Who cares if the number of endangered species on earth is increasing each year? You are alive, right?

4. Forget your priorities. Spend more time on doing less important things and less time on doing the important ones. For example, if you are a student, don’t do your homework, don’t submit research papers, just watch the television and surf the net for “who bitches about who” all day.

5. Do drugs. No explanation needed. We all know how devastating drugs can be for your life and the lives of your loved ones.

6. Don’t eat with your parents or your spouse. Eat alone in front of the TV. Always lock the door to your room to maintain your valuable “privacy”.

7. Turn your back on the friends who trusted you. Don’t be there for them when they need you the most.

8. Blame others for your misfortune. Always complain. Complain about your poor grades, poor financial condition, and declining number of friends. You can also blame your parents, friends, spouse or coworkers for not finding success in anything that you do. I think you will be good at complaining and blaming as you will be too passive to go and actually do and change something.

9. Break the law. Don't pay taxes, parking tickets etc. Soon you will find yourself broke or in a jail.

10. Spread negativity. As you don’t see any hope or future for yourself, try to destroy other people’s hopes too. Always say that “You can’t”, “You are good for nothing” and stuffs like that. Because it’s only the nature of human to tell others that they (others) can’t do something, because they are a failure themselves.

Well, that’s all from me now. Now you know what NOT to do if you DON’T want to ruin your life. Have a happy life and don’t repeat the mistakes I made in my life. Always be positive. Never let the hope die.

Best wishes

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  1. Wow! Great article!

    I've read some of these anti type posts before but you really got the emotion going too! I really really liked this!

    Will be tweeting this right now :) .

  2. Thanks for the retweet! hope to see you soon :)

  3. Most things we talk about the positive things we do, but this interesting article does not place the razor's edge when presenting the things we do as much time and that is why we do not move to improve the quality of personal and family life and social.

  4. I just had to read this again. Fantastic writing that you have here. I was sad in reading this but you bring up some very important points here. I am so guilty of #2, but I think by writing more would make me respond better to my situations. Always inspiring reading your words, Thanks again!