Cyclone Aila: Bangladesh Takes Another Blow

In the span of little over one and a half year two major cyclones have struck Bangladesh. In Cyclone aila devastates normal lifestyle in bangladesh and west bengalNovember 2007 it was cyclone Sidr- the meanest hurricane of all time, seen by the people of Bangladesh, which took the lives of more than 3,500* people. And now it is the infamous cyclone Aila. Aila swept away many areas, which were still recovering from the hurricane Sidr. I’m afraid it has put Bangladesh, once again, on her knees.

The nightmare

Aila struck Bangladesh on May 25, 2009 putting coastal people in severe danger. About half a million people had to leave their homes and go to temporary shelters when huge tidal waves came crashing with the 100 kmph (60 mph) wind. But not everyone could move to safety timely. It is estimated that, by far, about 200 people are dead*, 1,120 people are still missing and 200,000 people are trapped in water. The misery of the effected* people knows no bound. They don’t have water to drink, as most of the sources of fresh sweet water have been washed away by Aila, let alone food to eat. They don’t even have the place to burry their loved ones at this time, as most of the land is under water. They have to cross as much as 20 kilometers to find a place for burial. Even if the water goes away soon, people are confused about how they will get back on their feet, as they have lost their houses, cattle and boats.

Less Important Issue

When lives of thousands of people are at stake, maybe that’s not the time to think about the wildlife. But it hurts me a lot that the Sundanbans, the largest mangrove forest of the world, is badly affected by Aila. It has been estimated that hundreds of wild animals are killed in that cyclone.

From Disaster to Hope
We are a brave nation. We fight to live and live to fight against all odds. I’m sure that we will be able to survive this great blow from nature as we have been surviving for decades. We just need to hang in there till the primary shock goes away. Meanwhile the effected people need to have free access to fresh water, food and medicine. They need people who are kind enough to stand beside them. If you want to donate to speed up the relief work, you can do so with the help of BRAC (NGO). Click this link to donate now and answer the call of humanity.

*Save The Children: the death toll of Sidr is 5,000-10,000.
*ReliefWeb: 3.5 million people are affected by Aila.
*Reuters: 200 dead in Aila.
*The Daily Prothom Alo: 200,000 trapped, 20 km walk for burial.

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  1. Irtiza,
    This was ready the sad news, I can sense it people are suffering. Those survivors have to bear the pain of losing love ones.
    In this situation, the whole nation must unite to help each others beside assistance from international.
    With the fighting spirit, all obstables will be cleared, hope will surely come.
    Your posts worth reading, I will introduce it on my post, have the nice day.

  2. @coolingstar9, The survivors of this cyclone are really having a hard time coping with the current situation. may children are dying due to diseases like diarrhea. the amount of relief work is not sufficient.

    Thanks for the compliment. Your blog is also very interesting.


  3. Music for Relief is responding to help provide relief following Cyclone Aila. 

    Please help the victims of this disaster by making a donation:

    MFR is partnering with BRAC in Bangladesh where 100% of funds contributed will go to those affected by Cyclone Aila.
    More information about BRAC: BRAC has provided emergency aid and rehabilitation in Bangladesh since its inception and carried out large-scale relief and rehabilitation activities there for cyclone and flood victims in 1987, 1988, 1991, 1998, 2000, 2004 and 2007. BRAC, the largest non-profit in the developing world, was launched in Bangladesh in 1972 and today reaches more than 110 million people in Africa and Asia with its holistic approach to addressing poverty by providing micro-loans, self-employment opportunities, health services, education and legal and human rights education.
    Thank you for your support!
    And forward this information to spread the word.

  4. @Bianca, thanks for sharing this information. FR is doing a great job for the affected people. you know about 4.30 billion taka is needed to repair the damage done by aila.


  5. Oh my, my heart goes out to all the people that have been devastated by this treacherous cyclone Aila.
    We humans are very resilient though, some more so than others. I know that despite this, Bangladesh will be able to rise from this problem and be stronger. We shouldn't lose hope.

  6. Those who are making these comments know nothing about the devastation of Cyclone Aila. It has turned into a fashion other than feeling those people who have lost every thing. you people who are commenting do not only comment, but try to do something prospective for them. It does not mean relief. but comprehensive risk reduction. that will come actual need of them.