Peace- How Far It Is Actually?

My deepest sympathies for the families who have lost their loved ones and utmost respect for the lost lives in the terror attack in Mumbai- India’s financial capital.

On Wednesday night, 11 places (international hotels and stations) across Mumbai were attacked by a terrorist organization killing 150+ (including 5 hostages who were found dead) people and injuring almost 400. With this kind of terror attack a terrorist can gain nothing but a lifetime of fear or death penalty and curse of the people and the almighty.

Peace- how far is it actually?

At the end of the tunnel there should be a little ray of light- which can give us the courage to look forward and carry on. But at the moment that light is very hard to find. We all are just groping in the dark, waiting for some miracle to happen. But for how long will we have to wait for that?

Peace- a simple 5 letter word which can ensure the safety of you and me. No, I will not watch my brother, dying in my arms. So I will not just sit here and wait. I have to do something…anything. It’s better to have the option to say “Atleast I have tried”.

Allah! Have mercy on us.


  1. I have read that on the newspaper yesterday, and my sympathies also go to the families of the victims. I also wonder when meaningless wars and attacks are going to end, and the direction the world is going to would make anyone hopeless.

    But we must not lose hope and prepare ourselves for what's to come. If we respect others different with different views, help those in need and abstain from unnecessary violence, we'll serve as a model for others to follow and show the rest that there's still people willing to fight for peace.

    “Somewhere in this darkness there’s a light that I can’t find, maybe it’s too far away, or maybe I’m just blind.”

  2. mercenary of light, thanks for visiting. yes, we have to prepare ourselves to what's to come. and we sure can act as a model. nice point...


  3. You have done something, Irtiza... by writing this post.
    I believe that peace should start from our own. And yes, just like other emotion, it will spread throughout your body and the person sitting next to you will feel it too.

    That's why we can't fight terror with war and hoping the peace will finally come. Fight the terror with peace within your heart and share it with others, only then peace will finally come to all of us.

  4. mukul tyagi "PEACE HIDES IN VIOLENCE"
    In our country crime struck many times and it could be continue for ever if we still talk just about peace.Now peace meaning has changed.It means protection by violence.Our guards die and we just salute.This peace is unforgetable for us and for their famalies.If this we call peace than we don't want peace.We don't want silence.We wan't violence which could bring calm peace.

  5. Great words and sentiments Irtiza.

    Peace can only come from within us first and then spread outwards. It is all about respecting and accepting all others and always walking in their shoes.

    And better to do something than nothing.