Hi Everyone

It has been almost one and a half month since my last post (4 months since a REAL post). How are you all? I am hoping to get back to blogging.

A lot has been going on in my life for the last couple of months. My dreams are now temporarily shattered as I was rejected from the Bangladesh Army. After everything I’ve done they just handed me a piece of paper which basically contained these words “You are not fit for Bangladesh Armed Forces”.

I have been hoping to join the army as officer for so long that the rejection was great shock to me. I’ve spent so much time chasing this dream that after it was broken, I don’t know what else to think, what else to do. Suddenly the future seems to be very uncertain and unknown.

Yes, I admit that I’ve made some wrong moves during the 4 day long selection process- ISSB, which may have caused my rejection. But still, it’s a hard thing to swallow. Almost every night I am having nightmares about it…

But I will not stop. I am going to try out for Bangladesh Army again. Confidence level is a little lower though…

On the other hand, I have admitted myself in Jahangirnagar University as an under-grad student and my subject is Business Administration. I’ve spent 19 years of my life in J. U. campus and I fear that I’ll have to spend here at least another 5 years. Oh…

Anyways, it’s good to be back here. See you soon.


  1. Glad to see you back, and sorry to hear about not making it into the army. I know that has to be tough, but I'm sure that you will regain your confidence and do better the next time around. You'll know what to expect, plus have more life experience on your side.

    ~ Kristi

  2. dont give up. try again and when u do, let me know. best of luck

  3. Welcome back. I sent you all the positive energy I could during you blogging break and I'm so happy to hear that you are up and running again.

    If we don’t take risks we never fail but then again we don’t mover forward either. Successful people understand failure to be a valuable lesson that they learn and benefit from. Rather seeing criticism or failure as stumbling blocks they see them as stepping stones that bring them closer to achieving their goals. They accept every failure as a lesson in how to succeed in the future and then they make the adjustments required to achieve success.

    Best wishes at University and in all that you do.

    Love & Peace,

  4. @Kikolani, thanks for your comment. it's good to be back here.

    @Anonymous, thanks. but it would be easier for me if you had left a name for me.

    @TT, yes, definitely you positive energy during my break. i have read your post on failure/success...it's wonderful. and seems like it was written for me.

    thank you all....

  5. Nice to see your blog. Great to see your passion to be in Army. You reminded me of how taunting this Undergrad admission thing was to me 5 years back.

    Keep up the passion. You'll find your way...