Reduce Stress and Depression by Blogging

Reduce stress by blogging
When Ireduce stress and depression by blogging first started blogging some 10 months ago, I had very little knowledge about its effects, side-effects or what it’s capable of. But as I continued, read different blogs and started to think, I soon realized that blogging is much more than keeping an online diary; it is a power. It is a power which helps us to reach out to people and share our views and opinions. It helps us to try and bring a change to the world we know. It helps us to be heard and to feel accepted. And this, my friend, feels great.

I didn’t believe it before that blogging can reduce stress. But now I know that it is a fact. By keeping myself busy with writing new blog posts I can have the sweet taste of creating something unique. By sharing that and receiving feedbacks I feel assured that I am affecting people’s lives at least a little bit in a positive way. And that feeling of doing something good fades away stress and depression to some extend.

My friend Mtyler77, the author of The Melindaville Blog, explains this issue with a little scientific touch.
I do believe that blogging can help alleviate both stress and depression. Stress is often caused when we have inner turmoil that we feel unable to cope with. When you write a blog, you are often able to express things in written form that you are unable to articulate. When you write about turmoil- even things that are not major, it can most definitely alleviate stress. Stress is also closely related to depression. We know today that hormones that are released during the stress response actually affect the neurotransmitters in our brain, which plays a big role in depression. This is a fairly recent scientific breakthrough- to understand how much stress influences depression. And blogging can also help depression- it has certainly helped me at times. I think writing about things is a way for us to view our situations and even our entire lives more objectively, which can help us put things into perspective.
Author of My Envision, MindWriter, is a friend from Bangladesh. Her take on this issue,
Well, there are many times when we have so many things to say but there’s no one to listen to. We want to express our anger, anxiety, disability and all the suppressed feelings which we can’t express towards someone or towards something. All these unexpressed thoughts keep boggling our head, exposing toxic elements inside. At least blogging helps me to clean up my head, clear my confusions, and when the suppressed feelings and fears come out, I actually am “stress free”. All we need is to learn how to “let go”. Blogging helped me letting go.
So blog to reduce your stress and live a better life.

I thank my friends for explaining this issue. It would be quite hard for me to explain this without their help. I invite my readers to share their views on “blogging reducing stress”.

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  1. I'm sorry I wasn't able to contribute to the creation this post when you asked me to. What I do know for sure is that blogging in my private journal is definitely a stress reliever.

    Sometimes the simple act of writing things down can help me clarify my feelings and render them less emotionally and physically harmful. In my journal blogging I explore difficult thoughts, feelings, and situations and gain a better understanding of myself and a clearer insight into others. Blogging privately helps me analyze what's going on in my life, regain perspective on situations and people who are stressing me out, and helps me consider some options for dealing with them. It strengthens mt problem solving skills and leaves me feeling calm and collected.

    After I blog in my private journal, I take on blogging in my public blogs and I find that I'm more creative and focused. This is why I always start the day with my journal blog and it's also why I return to it any time during the day when I'm feeling like I need a break.

    The benefit of being able to return to my journal blog is that I can review previous situations that stressed me out and how I dealt with them, and then use the knowledge and wisdom from those on the current situations that are stressing me.

    Love and peace be with you always.

  2. @TT, It's completely alright. and thanks for your opinion. keeping a private journal works as a great stress reliever. infect 5 june i'm going publish a post about it (thanks to guest blogger Chris Lloyd).


  3. I see, you've posted it before time! Thanks for citing my one. So glad to see it.

  4. Blogging is indeed a wonderful way to release stress. When one blogs, you get to release all the pressures, problems, and hurdles that you've encountered for the day or for the week. It's like writing in a diary, only instead of using pen and paper, you are using a computer. The chance to put everything in writing and the act of actually writing your post is very therapeutic.

  5. I agree, it is stress relieving. It has also introduced me to the lives of people I never would have otherwise known. I only read what they choose to write about themselves, but I feel like I know so many more people in this world!

  6. @PM, yes you are right. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @Andrea, blogging helps to know many interesting people and create many long lasting blog centered relations. I JUST LOVE BLOGGING.

  7. I don't use blogging as a stress reliever, because I have very little stress in my life. To me, blogging is like going to a party, where I get to have all these interesting conversations with random, strange people who are eager to share and talk about themselves. At the same time, I get to tell them something about myself and my own personal take on life. I love heart-to-heart talks.

  8. @NP, yes, i also enjoy the conversations. i like to meet new bloggers and know them by their blog posts. it's amazing how blogs can reflect the characteristics of the blogger.


  9. I've never thought of blogging as a stress/ depression relief, but have used a journal and do write articles, and know it helps there. So, I can see where your article is true.

    I have been caring for my aging parents and wrote an article about it not too long ago, and it helped to allow my feelings to tumble out.

    Here's more information on how to Banish Stress-Depression and Feelings of Worthlessness