New 7 Wonders of Nature: 28 Finalists

This is the second post of a series: New 7 Wonders of Nature.

new 7 wonders of natureThe primary voting period has expired on July 7, 2009. Then among the top 77 candidates expert’s panel selected 28 finalists on July 21, 2009. Now the voting power has been awarded back to us once again. Now we’ve the power to vote for 7 worthy candidates. The top voted 7 natural places will be awarded with the title “new 7 wonders of nature” in 2011.

It’s a matter of great sorrow for all the Bangladeshis that the Cox’s Bazaar-world’s largest sea beach was eliminated from the final list. It was 3rd in its group.

On the other hand, Bangladeshis can rejoice as the Sundarbans won a place in the finalists list. Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Don’t forget to vote for it.
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  1. Excellent! I didn't know the list was narrowed down already to 28 finalists. I'll go and take a look at it. This is a wonderful effort to help recognize the different natural wonders of our world and at the same time help in the conservation and upkeep of these sites as well. Thanks!

  2. Hey! :) I do remember you! How are you doing? I see that your blog has completely changed from what I remember it was! Very nice.

    Much love,

  3. @UPrinting, i really hope that you vote for sundarbans as it is really a wonder of nature.

    @Ingrid, hi, its really nice to have you here after such a long time. yes, my blog has gone through much change.

  4. Komodo Island is really wonder of nature.
    The only palce that you can find the real dragon.

  5. komodo dragon is unique can't moved to anywhere can't stand any longer for it's life