Choosing a Drug Rehab: 5 Things to consider

Deciding to stop abusing drugs is one of the most important and hardest decisions one can take. Saying no to drugs after getting addicting to, is a tough, expensive and a lifelong process. On the process of recovery, choosing the right drug rehabilitation center is crucial and it can & will affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the recovery process. To help you choose the right drug rehab center, I have gathered some of the key factors which you should consider to narrow down your search.

Here are 5 things one should consider when selecting a drug rehab center:

Value against Money
 The treatment of drug addiction is costly. Private drug rehab centers can cost anything from $5000 to upwards of $20,000 a month. So you should go deep into the actual “value” you will derive from the rehab. Does the value exceed the money expensed or will you be paying more than you will get in return? Which rehab offers the most value? Value can be translated into duration of the program, well trained doctors and stuff, residential and recreational facilities, location of the rehab (closer to home = better), treatments provided etc.

Family Participation
Family plays a big role in recovering from drug addiction. So apart from other treatments, the involvement of family in the recovery process must be considered. The drug rehab center should allow a certain degree of family participation. Do you think that the amount of family participation opportunity provided is enough at your targeted rehab?

One-on-One Therapy
One-on-one therapy with a psychologist is another major element of recovering from drug abuse. Most of the private rehab centers provide this facility. But try to find out how many sessions there are in the program and what the duration of each session is. You should also consider the ratio of nurse/doctor to patient. There are some good rehabs who offer 1 nurse or more for every 5 patients.

After Care Therapy
Sobriety is a lifelong process. And not a single rehab center can guarantee a patient that he will recover from drug addiction immediately after he completes the treatment program at their rehab. So after care or follow up programs are really very important. You should check out what are the after care facilities provided by your targeted rehabilitation center and for how long they will provide this service.

Do you feel comfortable?
But the final and deciding factor to consider is, do you really feel comfortable going with your targeted rehab? Feeling comfortable is really important because you will be staying here for a while and if you don’t feel relaxed in the atmosphere of the rehab, the treatment will take longer time. So if you have any hesitation in your mind, even if you don’t know the reason, I would advice to clear that hesitation before getting yourself admitted there.

So these are the 5 things to consider when choosing a drug rehab center for stopping drug abuse. What did you think about these points? Feel free to share your views with us.

A healthy and happy life is all I want in life for you and me. Take care of yourself and be safe.

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