Following Dreams

Hi all. I have just returned from Dhaka, our capital city. It’s about 25 kilometers from Jahangirnagar University campus where I live and it takes a little over one hour to get there. Apparently I have to go to Dhaka 6 days a week because of my preparatory (coaching) classes for IBA and Bangladesh Army. It’s been a life long dream for me to join the army. It’s not only because of the good salary and other benefits; it’s also for the opportunity for early establishment. As I said before my father is no more and my mother is also very ill. I have a little brother to whom I have many responsibilities. So if I can’t get an early establishment it will get very difficult for us all.

I don’t enjoy IBA coaching that much cause because, frankly speaking, I am not a city person and the students in the IBA coaching class r all very….. Anyway, I don’t like it. But I enjoy the “ARMY class” very very much.

Today our teacher said that don’t share any problems with someone who doesn’t care or can’t help you. Ya, I guess this is a suggestion that should be followed.

I am posting some pictures that I took on the way to my campus today. To me my country is still growing, it’s under construction. I love my country very much and want to do something great for her.

Hope to hear from you…..


  1. I guess I'm pretty late commenting about it. Actually it's not about being a city person. Most of those coaching fellows are the "Trying to be cool" portion of the country. But trust me, about 95% of them are nothing but fools. They end up NOWHERE. Honestly speaking, they are nothing compared to your intellect. Wish you success in every step of your life.