Blog Promotion

For the past few days I have been trying really hard to promote my blog (blogexplosion, link2blogs) and to get some readers. But no one is really visiting my blog. I think it’s too early to be disappointed but as I am an extremist I am feeling very bad to see the hit counter still in the 190’s.

Now I have decided to take it a little easy and wait for another week or so and then try to promote my blog again.

Meanwhile I will try to make the content of my blog a little more fun to read (but not funny).
‘Content is king’ – you know it better.


  1. Don't be disappointed. It takes time and more work to make it big in the blogosphere.

    You just have to visit other blogs too if you want your blog to be visited. Much better, give comments to their posts. It works based on my own experience.:)

  2. Agree with Marydane, give it time and work. Make sure when you comment they are quality comments, not just "nice blog" comments. You are more than likely to get visitors to your blog when someone reads a quality comment left by you.

    I responded to your comment on my blog about your question about the nofollow. Here is what I said:
    Irtiza, you need to log into Blogger, go to your template. Make sure you save a backup, just in case, on the right hand side there will be a box that says expand widget or similar. Make sure that box is checked. Then do a control - F to find the words "rel='nofollow'. Remove only that, nothing before or after. There will be a total of two in your template, one for the actual blog and the other for your links. Save and you should be good to go!

  3. Suggestion with Blogexplosion, build up credits so your blog is in rotation, participate in Battle of Blogs and also Blog Rocket. USE the site, in addition to content. Also, when someone comments on your blog, make sure you respond. Think of it as a "conversation". The more active and interactive you are with your blog, the better.

  4. ann, i was thinking about batle of blogs

  5. I know what you mean, its frustraiting when no or few blog visitors;and I think it's more frustraiting when they come and go without reading any of the blog posts. But we should be patient