I Do My Part

On 21st September a lot of bloggers blogged about the current condition of world peace. It’s nice to see so many people who care and write for the/a cause.

Now let’s talk about our part in promoting global peace and the current condition of our world. I think that even the tiniest change that you make can have a huge impact (gradually) over the world. Use this power. Start acting now. Start changing the world around you… (If you are planning on living in Mars then you don’t need to read this post)

1. Don’t waste water. Shut the tap carefully after you are done. Today 1.42 billion* (and counting) people have no access to safe drinking water. Can you imagine what they have to go through to dring some water?

2. Let’s switch off. Don’t leave the light on after coming out from the bathroom. Don’t leave the computer or the TV on standby because it consumes much hard earned electricity. Today more than 1.57 billion* people are living without any electricity.

3. Don’t drive if you can walk the small distance (0.5/1 km etc.). It will reduce pollution, traffic jam and will save you some cash (do I need to talk about the price of fuel?). I’ve heard some of my friends saying that “the person who can’t bye a car rides the bus”. I don’t agree with it. Riding the bus isn’t an insult.

4. Don’t spend $1000 on shopping. Spend $995 and give that extra $5 to someone who needs it more. If you are a Muslim then give Zakat. Feed a hungry kid once in a while. Don’t throw away old cloths. Instead give it to charity. In my country each year during Dec-Feb many rootless people die only because of the cold weather even though we live in South Asia.

5. Let’s recycle. Let’s carry bags with us when ever we go shopping. Avoid poly-bags. Use paper bags and recyclable polythene instead.

6. Have a working knowledge about politics. Know who you are voting. Know your rights and power. Know that you are not alone. You can do almost anything if you want to.

7. LET’S NOT BE SELFISH. Love others, care about others, care about your country and the world.

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Check out the facts about YOUR world: Poverty Facts and Stats, World-O-Meters*, Population Below the Poverty Line

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your interest. It's really glad to see some people eager to do something for the peace. may i link to this post? or are you going to post another one about love? Please let me know

  2. I think your suggestions for how we can all do our part is wonderful. I will try very hard to follow all of them, or at least most of them. :)

  3. Riding the bus used to be a ding to one's status. Now we can just simply say we are doing our part to cut down pollution and help the environment. There's no shame in helping out the planet.

    I try to use as few plastic bags as possible at stores, and if I do, I make sure to either bring them back for future use, or use them for something elsewhere as opposed to just trashing them.

  4. Great list...especially number 7. One thing I'd add, though, is that loving all of humanity in the abstract isn't worth much. The world is full of people singing "peace on earth, good will to men" or putting PEACE bumper stickers on their SUV's while being horribly judgemental to all those who don't share their own ideas and beliefs. What's important is to actually try to be loving, generous and kind to everyone you meet (I say "try" because I'm aware of how difficult this is, and how often I fail).

  5. thanks all for your comments and your support.

    yogaforcynis@ i agree with you. but the reason y i didnt put it in the list is that ALL THE THINGS IN THE LIST (exept number7) are very EASY to do and i wanted to keep it simple.

    what you are saying is very important and i support you all the way.

    you can read enjoytheworld's (see related posts) post on this. i think u will like it.


  6. It's good to see people are really concerned about the general good. I may be among the world poor, Bit i would still do the little I can.
    Thanks for the great post

  7. motivator@ i believe that little changes can result in a huge difference.


  8. I like your list. I live a minimalist lifestyle in a remote location by choice. I heat with wood and the water comes from my own well. I'm extremely careful about electricity use, car use and I'm NOT a shopaholic. I walk to most places. I have always reduced, reused and recycled. I rarely eat out or go to movies. I usually find what I need for my home and for myself in second hand and thrift shops. Although my income is low I still have enough to donate to charities that feed the hungry. I also try to be a kind and loving friend. Lastly, I try to send peaceful thoughts out into the world whenever I can.

    IMO there can be no peace on this planet for as long as there are religions that are exclusive and that teach that all of those who are not members of their particular belief system are infidels, sinners, the enemy, etc. It's sad but the truth is that the invention of religion was the worst invention that mankind has ever undertaken. Religion has been used by both governments and extremists groups to instigate and commit genocides and wars for millennia. Until all religions are either eliminated or until they teach peacemaking and all the followers choose to put down their weapons and rid themselves of hypocrisy, racism, bigotry and class discrimination IMO there will be no peace.

  9. TT now i am officially your fan (maybe a stalker).

    i dont think that any religion inspires crime. it's the human who polutes a religion. i do agree with you about "until they teach peacemaking and all the followers choose to put down their weapons and rid themselves of hypocrisy, racism, bigotry and class discrimination IMO there will be no peace."

    i have wtitten a post about it (kind of) "I AM NOT A TERRORIST"

  10. i also do my part of work, i feed pigeons and sparrows. i love street dogs so i feed them to, to that extent that i am able, i also like to help others in their work if possoble to me.
    i like to share some part of my love.
    i too plant tree,
    i like your thoughts great. gooon

  11. Irtiza

    It is adam from blogcatalog.
    I like this post also, apprecaite, your efforts and just want to tell you, being a lightworker, I am doing what all I can to improve the planet and its people. That means, i am doing all the activities you listed above plus a lot more. We have few things in common.


  12. hi adam,

    thanks for your comment. my readers will love to hear more from you. thanks for visiting my blog. hope to see you again.