Our World:Our Responsibility

This post is dedicated to all who can’t find or don’t let others to find peace in their hearts.

Though war is one of the major causes of hampering peace worldwide it’s not the only culprit. Poverty, hunger and illiteracy are also equally responsible for it. It’s very hard to show compassion or patience with an empty belly. I think I don’t need to explain what lack of patience does to us or the people around. Today over 1.1 billion people live below the poverty line (almost 55.1 million people of my country are among them). They are deprived of all basic human rights including the right to live safely because of all the wars going on around us. We can't change the condition of the world if their condition isn't changed (read: if we don't act to change their condition)

I don’t know about you but to me the thought “I’m more powerful or my social status is higher than him” has a very ill effect over humanity. We should learn to be less selfish, we must think about others and about all the wars that are ruining our beautiful world. We shouldn’t think the war on Iraq, Pakistan or Georgia doesn’t have any effect on our lives, because it does.

It’s high time that we realized that these "Peace Promoting Wars" aren’t doing any good but demoting global peace. We should choose a new method (preferably non violent one). We should unite. We should dadicate ourselves for this greater cause. The world is ours; so is the responsibility to fix it.

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  1. man, you are so boring!!!

  2. great post! It is indeed for everyone now... I believe in love to bring the peace in this world... We need to spread the love among those people who destroying the life of others......

  3. Don't let mr/ms "anonymous" (aka "hater") steal your joy. I feel sorry for someone who has to spit venom and then duck back into a hiding place. I hope s/he finds her/his peace somewhere. "Peace...out".

  4. You're right bro. The world needs peace and maybe we would get there if we keep saying it.
    Love your blog.

  5. hallo,
    We life together, we are unity in diversity. keep our world, for better life, for better world, for you and me...

    peace from Indonesia