Anger Management- Controlling Your Anger

What is anger?

Anger is a normal yet very effective way to alert us when something in our life is not working properly or has gone wrong. When a person is threatened or feels like he is being threatened by something/someone he can be angry. You can tell easily if a person is angry or not by judging his vocal tone, body language, response and expressions. (see wikipedia for more on this subject)

Is being angry a wrong thing?

NO. Anger is not bad. Being angry can help you in many ways. It gives you the courage to take up challenges and overcome obstacles. I consider anger to be an X-factor which can help you to succeed. Anger also may give a little protection to us and our family. No, being angry is not wrong.

Then why are you talking about Anger Management?

Though anger can be a beneficial thing, it can prove to be very dangerous if it’s out of control. That’s the problem with most of us- we just don’t know how to control it. As a result we end up hurting ourselves and the person next to us. A really bad temper is also very harmful for a human body. Let’s just say if anyone says that, he is so mad right now that his blood is boiling…he won’t be lying that much.

When do I know if my anger is out of control?

Some common signs are,

1. Getting angry at slightest of mistakes. Getting angry mostly at others.

2. Shouting at something/someone without hardly any reason.

3. Hitting things when you become angry.

4. Hurting yourself- such as cutting yourself, punching in the wall or door, taking drugs or smoking cigarettes to calm down (never do these stuff).

5. Normal things starting you to irritate you more then ever.

6. Anger lasting a long time even after the event is over.

How to manage anger/calm down?

1. When you are getting mad at something take a long breath and little time out. Step away from the situation and think about why you are getting this much angry.

2. Try to figure out why usually you get angry. If you see any signs and if you think that you are being triggered to be angry, then try to take steps to avoid it. Don’t get into tricky situations.

3. Exercise regularly. It will take lot of pressure and stress away from you. If you are angry then go for a short jog. You can throw some basketballs or throw a tennis ball in the wall for sometimes to calm down. But be sure not to irritate anyone during this process or they will irritate you even more and it would be a lot harder to calm down. The basement is a nice place to do it. You can bye a punching bag and take out your anger on it.

4. I am sure you have heard of this thousands of times before but it really works. So I’m going to say it one more time. Count to/from ten. Give yourself a little time to calm down.

5. Spend time with your loved ones. Talk to them. Go on family vacations once in a while. It will refresh your mind.

6. Meditate. (I don’t know much about meditation. So I’m going to leave this subject alone)

I don’t recommend holding anger inside you. Let it come out, but not in a destructive way. You can use humor as a shield. Don’t let anger take control over your life. If you like this post, then feel free to comment and subscribe to stay connected. Add your own views and methods to calm down.


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