I Didn't Know That

A friend of mine, Parvez, mailed me today about a news in today’s newspaper. After reading it I just couldn’t but react to it.

As you all know, food price around the world is rising very rapidly and obviously people around the globe are suffering for that.

But I didn’t know that the people of the South-Asia are directly responsible for this rapid growth of food price. According to President Mr. J. W. B. - excessive eating habit of the people of this region (S. Asia) -has caused/is causing- a food crisis and thus the food price -has gone/is going- up.

South Asia means Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri-Lanka and British Indian Ocean Territory (read more: Wikipedia). Some also consider Afghanistan and Myanmar to be countries of S. A.

Last time I checked, the population here is 1.58 billion and over 40 percent people living in this region live below the poverty line- just managing to survive. So I was shocked hearing this statement. Because of statements like this people around the world get a wrong idea about the people living here. The powerful people around the world make this region look like a cancer cell in a human body. And that hurts me…

Now here’s a little survey:

Germany: Millender Family- 2 adults, 2 kids- weekly food cost 500 USD

USA: Revi Family- 2 adults, 2 kids- weekly food cost 342 USD

Japan: Ukita Family- 2 adults, 2 kids- weekly food cost 317 USD

Mexico: Kasales Family: 2 adults, 3 kids- weekly food cost 189 USD

Egypt: Ahmed Family- 7 adults, 5 kids- weekly food cost 69 USD

Bangladesh: Hussain Family- 3 Adults, 2 kids- weekly food cost 40 USD (my family)

Bhutan: Namge Family: 7 adults, 5 kids- weekly food cost 5 USD

Chad: Abu Bakar Family- 3 adults, 3 kids- weekly food cost 1.25 USD

Tell me what you think about it and how much do you spend weekly over food? How can we fight this price hike?


P.s. I am sorry if I’ve hurt anyone through this post.

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  1. I agree with you... In India I have seen the people who are struggling to get food at least once in a day!

  2. You omitted Africa from the survey list. I think the situation is worst here. Europeans and Americans create 95% of the world's problems, Poor Africans and Asians bear 90% of the consequences and yet we're always being blamed for earth's woes. What an irony

  3. etw, the motivator, thank you for your comments. u r right. the condition of the africans r really bad. chad is an african country.

  4. Our family, 2 adults and 2 kids, spends $200 every 10 days for food.

  5. and i guess you're from Texas right? thanks for sharing...

  6. Yes, the Republic of Texas, ;)

  7. We probably spend about $100 a week on groceries (just the hubby & I,) here in Southern Louisiana (US,) & we could certainly get by on less than that (but we're not hurting for money...yet.)
    I love your banner photo, btw--that's awesome! So creative!

  8. Although I know the situation in parts of Africa are quite bad, I'd be interested in seeing the sources for the motivator's figures.

  9. @lana gralich, thanks for sharing.

    i dont know the source of motivator's comment. but i can give a link wich might help understanding africa's economy...


    thanks everyone


  10. just adding these:

    Italy: Manjo Family- 2 adults, 3 kids- weekly cost 260 USD

    Poland: Sabzinsky Family: 4 adults, 1 kid- weekly food cost 151 USD

    Ecuador: Aimi Family- 4 adults, 5 kids- weekly food cost 32 USD

  11. We are only two people. (No children living at home).

    I spend about 500 SEK/week on food.(approx.67 USD)

    There are about 3.7 million households in Sweden. The average household buys food for about 33 000 SEK per year (approx.4,450 USD)