Let It Go Away

This post was influenced by TimeThief’s great post Do You Love Yourself?

I think to move ahead in life it’s very important to let go of certain things. Punishing yourself for the same things over and over again is -above all- unfair to you.

No human life is perfect. We make mistakes, don’t we? Over the past few years I’ve done some terrible things which I can never be proud of. I have taken some difficult decisions which I could have avoided. It’s not like that the choices I had were any less hard.

It’s very important to seek forgiveness- not from others but from your own inner-self. Forgive yourself and just let it go. If you can change the consequences of the past activities, then great. But if you can’t, don’t bother too much. Let go the anger you are holding in from your rough childhood. Let go the burden of shame that haunts you. Let it go. And be strong. Be strong to make sure that the same sh*t never happens to you again.

Accept yourself for who you are, not for who you wanted to be. Be true to yourself. Love yourself. If admitting is the first step towards self improvement and forgiving is the second, loving yourself and letting go should be the third…atleast in my opinion.


  1. I certainly agree that we need to come into balance internally and part of learning to love yourself is learning how to forgive yourself too. Good post and thanks for linking back to mine.

  2. the pleasure is all mine. your post was so well written i coulnt but link to it.

  3. Hi,

    In a world of intolerance and indifference toward others, this article is spot on.
    Your blog is really good and I'm going to follow it, for sure.

    Kind regards,


  4. totally agree!!

    If you can't forgive yourself then who can forgive you??




  5. hey,i liked your website design :)

  6. hi,
    good info i totally agree... but some of people don`t care about this... why? i also don`t no...

  7. In my heart I too feel that love in the beauty in life. That the worlds souls seem to be caught in a illousion of a false awareness the ture happiness is the act of kindness. When one opens his heart with love and compassion one sees beyound all false imprisonments. My heart is fill with such passion for the creation of life that walks amoung this world of manys.

  8. Forgiving yourself can be a very powerful thing in moving on with your life. I spent a lot of time hating myself for decisions in my life, and when I finally realized that those things would never change not matter how much I hated them, and the punishment I had inflicted on myself was ample, I found a new perspective on life.

    ~ Kristi