A Reminder: Why I Shouldn’t Smoke

It is sad but true that for the last couple of days (for a week to be exact) I have been smoking cigarettes. It’s not like that I’ve never smoked before but for the last few days I’m doing it regularly. I feel extremely bad about it and this post is basically written to remind me of why I shouldn’t smoke.

For some people smoking helps to calm them down. Maybe that’s my reason of doing it as I am going through a rough time. But that’s no excuse. Smoking harms us a lot more than it benefits us. At first it might seem to relief us from depression but that’s not the case as no substantial proof has been found yet (correct me if I’m wrong). Every year hundreds of thousands people die because of diseases caused by smoking cigarettes.

There are tons of reasons why I shouldn’t smoke. I’m pointing out some of those which I can relate to the most.

Smoking reduces our overall fitness. It robs oxygen from muscles, brain and body tissue. So the whole body has to work much harder. I can’t take the risk of being unfit.

Smoking may cause shortness of breath and Asthma. I have recently joined ‘one hundred push-ups training program’ and I want to go all the way. I am also dying to get into the army, which requires extreme physical fitness. So I can’t afford to have shortness of breath or asthma.

Smoking may cause impotence/infertility. Who wants that?

It causes various cancers including lung cancer. It tar coats our lungs like soot in a chimney and causes cancer. A 20-a-day smoker breathes in up to a full cup (210 g) of tar in a year. Smoking increases the chances of stroke and heart attack.

I don’t like to unnecessarily waste money…another reason not to smoke.

I hate the following picture. I don't want my lungs to look like this.

Smoking cigarettes is not only bad for the smoker; it’s also bad for the people around him. When a person inhales the smoke exhaled from the lungs of a smoker or the smoke coming from a cigarette, it is called secondhand smoking or passive smoking. Second hand smoke contains almost 4000 chemicals, 200 of which are poisonous, 63 of which cause cancer. So, passive smoking is as dangerous as direct smoking. So, when I smoke, the person next to me also gets affected without doing anything wrong. I don’t want to see yet another person suffering for my sins.

Further reading: effects of smoking, effects on human body, WIKI smoking

To draw a conclusion to this post let me say that I am done with smoking. I am not completely addicted to it so getting rid of it would be relatively easy.


  1. Irtiza,

    It is my hope that you will put down the cigarettes. The longer you keep smoking them, the more addictive they are! I used to smoke quite a few years ago and the best decision I ever made was to stop.

    I used to picture a photograph of diseased lungs (like the ones you have here) whenever a craving would hit me and it really helped!


  2. I believe you can stop smoking, Irtiza.
    There are many ways to replace the smoke habit, but my favorite is to love yourself.
    The second one is to love the persons around you.

  3. Melinda, thanks for your comment and BTW, this lung pic was brought to my notice by you. thanks

    Aldhis, yes i agree that loving yourself will help you quit smoking. there are lots of other techniques as well. this link might help: http://www.mahalo.com/How_to_Quit_Smoking

  4. I'd like to see another post on this subject in like a month or so to see how you're doing with quitting flat out.

  5. HawaiianPun, i am so happy to see your concern. i'll try my best to post another post after 1 month.

    take care

  6. I hate smoking and had tried several tips, but I cannot stop it. However, this is a good post for remind me.

  7. i can write some tips on quitting smoking (which i find effective), if my readers want to read... :D

  8. Hi Irtiza

    It is Adam from letusgrow.
    I hope your "very bad" status has changed a little bit today.


  9. Hi Irtiza

    It is Adam from http://letusgrow.blogspot.com/

    I hope your "very bad" status has changed a little today.


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  11. First thing is waste of money and second thing is the dangerous one cancer but true one. Article is very good you explained everything here thanks for your information.

  12. Hi

    dude!!! how do I quit smoking???

  13. mr/ms anonymous, thanks for asking. there are several drugs available in the stores which can help you to quit smoking. but i dont prefer it. i think the best way to stop smoking and staying away from it needs a strong will to live a healthy and longer life. it takes much will power to overpower the desire to smoke.

    ((one of the techniques which is helpful is breathing heavily when u feel the need to smoke.))

    give your will power a try today.


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