7 Tied Up Deer Rescued

Today while going through the newspaper a news caught my eyes. Police (Bangladesh) has captured a small boat with 7 tied up deer in there. They were captured from the Sundarbans (Bangladesh) – the biggest mangrove forest of the world, by poachers and the poachers were talking them in a local market to sell them. Hats off to the police for rescuing them before it was too late.

7 wild deer rescued by the police of bangladeshBut the sad news is that police couldn’t catch the poachers who were involved. They believe that there are 10 groups of poachers active in this region. They capture deer using traps and sell them in the nearby markets for 4-5 usd per kilogram.

I hope police catches these poachers soon and ensure a safe habitat for the wild animals.

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  1. sadly. this deer is quite hard to find here at my country these days.

  2. @ohlivings, this is Chital, Cheetal or Axis deer which is found in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and India. They can extend up to 2.5 ft from the ground. they weigh 85 kgs and live around 20-30 years.

    which part of the world are you from?

    thanks for visiting. hope to see you again.


  3. Those poor animals! Stricter laws and punishment must really be implemented for poachers. Kudos to the police for rescuing these deers. I hope that those involved in this money-making scheme gets apprehended soon.

  4. Poor deers... T_T
    Some people are just really mean. Killing helpless animals for profit. I understand that they need money, but I'm sure there are other better ways to do it, without causing harm anyone or anything.