Blog Improvements

Recently Mrs.Blog wrote a wonderful review (Blog SWOT) of my blog. The SWOT helped me a lot to think about redesigning my blog and achieving a more professional and cleaner look.

The modifications:

1. Previously there were three columns in my blog. Now there is one column at the right side of the main column and there are 3 columns at the bottom of the blog.

2. Added “Read Full Post” feature to the blog posts. It has reduced the loading time. The main page looks much neater now for this modification.

3. Added a floating social-bookmarking widget at the right side of the blog, which looks cool. Previously I didn’t have any bookmarking widgets on my blog.

4. Repositioned widgets and plug-ins. Changed the format of the “Archives” section and added “Recent Posts” section at the bottom of the page.

5. Added a “Categories” button on the header.

Still needs work:

1. I loved my previous header image. I am trying to use that in my current design. But I’m facing some problems doing that.

life as i know it self improvement and much more blogDear readers,
1. Do you have any suggestions to improve the look of this blog?
2. Should I use a header image or leave it like this?
3. Is this blog taking too much time to load?
4. Are you facing any problems while navigating?
5. Are you having any problems with the social bookmarking buttons?

Please let me know. Your valuable feedback will allow me to build a better reader friendly blog.


Update June 3, 2009: I have made myself a logo for this blog, which is in use right now (see the header?). How does it look?

Update June 4, 2009: I have added a favicon.ico to this blog.

Update June 6, 2009: Removed the floating bookmarking widget and added a bookmarking widget at the bottom of every post.


  1. It is cleaner NOW.. Although I miss the header too. BTW i feel the outer background is too dark for my eyes :) & I feel light dark will suit my eyes :)

  2. Hi irtiza, thanks for this post and I am glad that you could use my points to anything.
    Your new look ROCKS, but of course I miss very much your outstanding header....
    It works really well wih organizing your footer in the new way.
    The only thing I would mention is your subheader: you should be much more clear on what you would like to focus on. I would try to find a good sort of slogan for your blog, e.g. 'Improving The World & Improving Myself' or similar. So you can communicate your mission to the others and also keeping it in mind for yourself - in a very clear way.
    Great work and happy blogging!

  3. @Doson, thanks for yous suggestion. i miss my header to. i am trying to use it. and thanks for advising me about the outer color. i'll replace it with a better color as soon as possible...

    @MrsBlog, thanks for the slogan. it has certainly gave me some ideas.

    thanks for visiting.

  4. @EN, thanks for visiting, see you soon.

  5. it's much neater now...but i feel it's a bit too dull...i think if u just spice it up just a tinsy bit it would do wonders..and u do need a better header..your previous one was fab..u can try that or design another...change always feels better.. :)

  6. Nice, it looks more professional now.

  7. @Noshin A, thanks for the compliment. i think if i change the border color to something darker it would look a little more lively... but i'm confused.

    @mind writer, thanks.

    thank you for visiting. see you soon. :D

  8. It's very white, not much to catch your eye. I don't remember what your previous one looked like. In general, I don't like dark blogs because they're hard to least for those of us with older eyes.

    I like your title and your subtitle...most blogs don't seem to be about their title. People like to blog about lots of different topics, though we're forced to pick a category which often doesn't match what people actual blog about. Particularly when they're blogging about products.

    There isn't much on your blog to let anyone know what you're like. What your interests are etc.Thats often how I find if I have something in common with a person, seeing their interests.

    Good luck

  9. Where's your EC widget? I tried to return favor of dropping; but can't find it

  10. Nice and clean. I really don't see any reason for fancy headers, it's just eye candy and sometimes distracts the viewer from the articles you post on your blog. If the post are good and interesting readers will come back to read more.

  11. @Sandy, you can go through the "ABOUT" page to find out about me :D. i have removed the EC widget for the time being for some certain reasons.


  12. this is a great theme btw. hey, try to put a color (not dark/shining color) at the background. it make your blog to look 'appear' and 'alive'.

  13. @ohlivings, i have been experimenting with background colors for a few days now. but i am not being able to decide which color should i chose. so, for the time being, i am going to give it a rest and keep it the way it is now (white). i'll get back to it later.

    thanks for your suggestion. it is valuable to me and my blog.


  14. This is a nice, clean looking blog - I definitely like the 'simple' look though I do agree with Ohlivings, perhaps just a little something to make it 2-tone would help or finding a way to get your header picture back in.

    You don't want it to become too busy but having something to 'pow!' out the page at first glance would definitely help to catch people's attention and make that favourable first impression.

  15. @Wonk, Thanks for your suggestion. I have added a logo to this blog. Does it make any difference?

  16. The Recent Posts section is really cool. It allows for easier site navigation and access to your most recent postings.
    The loading time was really fast! So good job :)
    Would love to see an image on the header part too.

  17. @Color Printing, Thanks for the complement. i'm trying really hard on the header. but it just doesnt adjust... :(

  18. Good look and feel. Something to learn for a newbie.
    You can customize your comment box for a more pro-look.

  19. I have not seen your blog prior, I say that it looks fantastic! Brilliant layout and well organized. Great work! Also, you have great suggestions here as well from your other comments!

  20. Welcome to Life as i know it and thanks for following :)