To a Stronger Personality

Who doesn’t like to get a little attention? Will you feel good if you are ignored all the time? I know I won’t. Everybody likes a person with a pleasant yet strong personality. Having a great figure won’t help you in the long run if the personality doesn’t match you.

A set of qualities which makes a person different from another is called personality. Personality is a person’s own identity. It is the mixture of his behavior, temperament, emotions and all the other stuff. So there is no point in trying to fake it as it will reflect a weak personality. Being true and honest to own self and others is the key to a strong personality and being a “tolerable” person.

Personality can not be re-built, but it can be modified over time. Everybody has a strong personality- you just have to bring it out. I’m writing some points below which helped me to bring out the real ME. I think it might help you also.

First of all you’ll have to know yourself. You can not expect to get the respect from others if you don’t know and respect yourself. Study your behaviors and find out your strong sides and weak sides. Work on these things. As for example, if you are a liar, try to reduce the number of lies each day; if you are an artist, try to work on it and increase your creativity. I think this is the most important thing for having a strong personality.

Don’t try to impress others directly. Get away from one sided relations. If someone doesn’t pay a head to you at all, there’s no need to help him in each step of his life. But if someone shows you good will, give him double in return. Be supportive.

Don’t do the things you don’t like. And when you do something try to do it with all you heart.

From my own experience I can tell that people hate those who are not independent. If you can dare to help yourself, you will get help from others. But if you basically want others to help you, you will get no one.

Listen rather than talk. Those who talk too much are considered “persons with poor personality”. But don’t be afraid to give your opinion/feedback. Opinions must be constructive. NEVER interrupt others while they are talking. Look at the speaker’s eyes and pay attention while he is saying something. Do the same when you are the speaker.

A little sense of humor is a personality booster. You should know when to laugh and most importantly when not to laugh. You should never joke in a serious meeting/conversation.

Be yourself. You have all the tools needed for a stronger personality. Believe it.

If you find this post helpful please let me know. If you want to add a few points of your own which worked for you; I welcome you whole heartedly.

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  1. Personality can be fall down from its track. So , one must control it to a right way. A single odd behavior may cause a huge destruction in one's personality. We should not show off our personality in front of others rather let others to discover the sacred personality in us. So, Be what you are and try to make your personality best among others. Try to compare your personality with others. That will show you what you are.


  2. I am a great believer of "be yourself"
    Personally I can say that I hate people who make up stories or pretend to be what they are not just to impress others.

  3. @Sauhrid, yes, i agree with you that showing off is really a destructive thing for us. i personally dont like those who show off.

    @Salwa, i also hate people who make up stories to impress others. My advice is to just ignore them.

    thanks for visiting.

  4. Nice post you have, make me remember something important for my better personality. Lot things to be improved for me.

  5. @rsandz, thanks for the compliment.

  6. Your own personality glows warmly from your words. You have very relevant things to say and it would be interesting to hear how you were able to arrive at this moment where you can speak knowledgeably about personality and knowing yourself - I find other people's journeys are most telling and helpful that way.

  7. @maggie, thanks for visiting. in short, passing through tough times has forced me towards self discovery. and i know that self discovery helped me to become the person i am now...


  8. "Be yourself." ---- Love it! Some people usually try to be someone else, they copy off another person or image of a person and in the process they tend to lose who they really are. It's important to know oneself and just be who you are, in the end people will love you more for it.

  9. I really Like what you said and how you said it, simple and really usefull. Thank you

    I would like to add what the Prophet Mouhammed Peace be upon him said about this subject :

    “Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the falsest of talk. And do not snoop, pry, nor envy, cut, or hate each other, but be brothers, O servants of God.” (Al-Bukhari)

    Thank you again

  10. thnx , i really need thissss .....<3

  11. Nice I like it.

  12. I liked what you said about doing things with full heart . Personality if is fake cannot last for many days. So one should always be oneself and not emit others . Your words were simple and original , will pass it to others as well.:)
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