Bloggers Unite: Hunger and Hope

Thanks to Bloggers Unite for giving me the floor to write this post on Hunger and Hope.

I am feeling a little embarrassed as I am writing a post about hunger with a full stomach. I will not dare to ask for forgiveness to my readers and the 963 million hungry people for this.

What is hunger?

Hunger is not just a feeling; it is the most extreme form of poverty. Hunger is not the need to have another hamburger; it is the need to eat something today so that you can live to fight another day.

Some dirty facts

Even though the world currently produces enough food to feed 12 billion people, it is failing to properly feed 6.7 billion people. Due to whatever reasons almost a billion people are considered “hungry”. In the last 19 years (from 1990), the number of hungry people in the world has been increased by 120 million people. On the average, the earth loses one person every second as a result of hunger. 60% of all child deaths are caused by hunger. On the average, a child dies every five seconds due to extreme hunger. Are these numbers enough to move us?

Hunger and Hope

As we are the more privileged people of the world, it’s our duty to extend our hands to the poor and hungry people. We have to give them some light of hope so that they can dare to dream about a better future. We have to start this moral uplifting movement in our local areas first and grow from there gradually. Many charity organizations are already working for this purpose. We can join them (World Food Program, Operation Blessing International) and donate money to help the people in need. You can also choose and buy a meaningful gift from Heifer International's gift catalog and help the hungry people. Moreover we can try to get poor people on there feet so that they don’t have to be hungry anymore. At least we can feed some hungry people once in a while.

Remember, we are not isolated islands. Everyone of us is connected to one another. If half of your body is paralyzed, will you feel happy or do nothing about it? If your answer is “no” then the poor condition of the hungry people should concern you. Then you should try your level best to lessen their pain.


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  1. Being a Statistician, sometimes these numbers make me feel so numb. We are so engrossed with analyzing the situation, penetrating the facts out of something which we may have never acknowledged. Eventually, we forget that the facts deserve a remedy. End of discussion. We should start with small steps towards its remedy. Hungry people get sympathy from us, but that's not a remedy.

  2. Mind Writer, i agree with you. even though sympathy is sometimes good, it can not solve this problem. we must come forward actively...


  3. Irtiza--this was a great post and a great reminder. Those numbers cut right to my heart--thanks for posting this.


  4. Melinda, thanks for visiting. Your post on this issue was also praise worthy...:D

  5. blogging for a cause.. sweet!
    carry on friend :)

  6. We have to help in any way we can.. but we have to eat. I think what we can take on board.. is to always be grateful for what we have and to help in which ever way we can.. giving money, sending aid etc.

  7. @Jennifer Steuern, yes, we have to perticipate in different charity events to remove this social problem.


  8. I think that to help others in need, we cannot be in need ourselves. There's nothing to feel guilty for having a full stomach while writing about this. Chances are, if you were hungry yourself, you would be out looking for nourishment, and not spreading your much needed message to others.

    ~ Kristi

  9. Kikolani, thanks for your comment. :D

  10. What an inspired post! Thanks so much for sharing this :)
    Based on your post, that's around 700 children per hour dying because of hunger. Let us all do the best we can to help provide something so basic, so available yet so inaccessible to the millions of children, and adults as well, out there who are constantly fighting for survival.
    It's wonderful that charitable organizations are taking an active role in addressing this issue. But as such, it is still not enough. I hope these people suffering from hunger get the chance to at least live their lives a little longer.

  11. @PP, you are most welcome.

    yes, the numbers are really scary. around 700-720 children dies every hour because of hunger. we have to come up with something, some plan to ensure food for all. at least we have to start this locally. IMO mean while the best way to contribute is to give charity.

    do you have any suggestions?

    thanks for visiting.