Working in Groups Effectively

Working in groups is totally different from working alone. Even an adept worker may face many difficulties while working in a group. And that’s why many people don’t like to work with others. I know this because I also used to face this same problem. But I think now I am over this and now I can perform more or less well (at least better than before) in groups.

Let’s face it; there is no escaping working in groups. Today in schools, colleges or in workplaces people are required to work with others as a team. So to make the group-work experience an enjoyable one you have to pay attention to certain things. Otherwise you will not only fail to perform well, but also drag your group mates down.

Get acquainted
The most primary base of working in any group is to know the group members. Before jumping to the job, it is wise to get introduced to one another. In order to getting used to the working environment one must get familiar with the group members. It will help to have a rough idea about how they work.

Distribute the work
It is a good idea to distribute the work to the group members according to their field of expertise. By this way, you will be able to make the most out of the group.

Be a good listener
Hear out what others have to say about approaching and solving the problem. Put their thoughts under serious consideration.

Respect others views
One has to learn to respect the views of other group members. You must understand that opinion differs from person to person. If you don’t agree with something, you will notify him in a nice way, not in an aggressive way. During the process of preparing myself for the ISSB test, I’ve seen many groups with qualified individuals, crashing down just because they don’t have the minimum respect for the opinions of the group members.

Put it all together
After hearing everyone’s views, you’ll have to put it all together and find out a way to overcome the obstacle. Remember, majority must be granted. If most of the group members want to approach the obstacle in a certain way, even if you don’t agree it, you’ll have to go with the plan of the group.

Inspire others
A little tap in the back or word of appreciation never hurt anyone. It helps to uplift the moral of the group and work better.

Deal with problems wisely
Problems might come while working in a group. In that case you must remain calm and observe the situation before taking any further steps.

By working in groups you have very less (if not nothing) to lose but everything to gain. You can share each other’s experiences and enrich your own. Working in groups also develops one’s leadership quality which has thousands of benefits. So go ahead, have a blast.

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  1. I've always had bad experiences working in groups. I'm kinda someone who always wants to lead (because of my sun sign I guess, lol). So, the group thing works well when I have people under me. And you know what? Some studies say that "the number of people who likes to work under someone's lead" are greater than "who likes to lead".

    I guess, group work can be performed well if everyone in the group are more focused to the job that has to be done than individual egos. And stay focused to their own abilities with which they can play their part advantageously.

  2. @MindWriter, thanks for your comment. u see, this is something we have in common. i also like to lead more. And i know from experience that people also like to work under me. but i dont have any problem to follow someone who is worth following. i always give proper respect to those who deserve it.

    as u saud, the number of people who likes to work under a leader is less than people who want to lead. that's maybe because it's a little difficult to come up with a plan and give directions.

    but that's the fun of working in groups. though a leader is a must, in group work everyone contributes more or less equally to come up with a plan and work hard to execute it.

    yes, i couldnt agree more that to perform well individual ego must be left aside.

  3. He he... Have you ever come up to work with someone who is a real "good for nothing", to whom "everyone contributes more or less equally" doesn't go at all, and eventually WHO is the most keen person to grab all the credit without doing nothing? I've seen and worked with loads of craps like them. There are plenty of people who knows that he/she is a real junk but still shows so much ego like, "Listen, I don't follow orders!!!". It's really tough to bear with such craps. I don't know when I'll learn a bit of what is called, P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L-I-S-M!

  4. @MW, yes, i have come across this kind of situation where someone in the grp doesnt contribute nearly as much as others. actually it doesnt hurt that much as we expect nothing from him.

    but i have never come across this kind of situation "grab all the credit without doing nothing"...

    what would be your approach then?

  5. nice sharing. btw, i love working in group. it makes tasks finished much quicker.

  6. @ohlivings, yap, if you can ensure the quality of the group, the work gets much easier and it can be finished much quicker.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  7. In such cases, I guess I'll try not to work with them anymore ever in my life. But things doesn't go with our will all the time. I guess it's better to stay away from them. And if it still doesn't work, I think creating a blog to write about all the hard feelings is a nice idea! At least it helps me out!

  8. @MW, haha, right- blogging can come in handy in reducing stress.

  9. I think know thyself is a great place to start. I know myself and working in groups just does not do it for me. Too many possible weak links in the chain. Too many other peoples tunes to dance to. Soon it all gets muddled. I guess thats why I went into online business. If you don't put in the hours, you don't make the income. Simplicity

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  10. @ami, but i dont think that you'll be able to work alone for the rest of your life, would you?

    Best of luck at what ever you do my friend.


  11. A wonderful, very informative post on working in groups. These are valid, excellent points! It's really important that in a group, you know the people you are working with. You are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Teambuildings or group synergy exercises are a wonderful way to assess these. Knowing each other's strengths and areas of expertise will go a long way towards ensuring the success of the team. Thanks!

  12. @PP, thanks for sharing your valuable views with us.


  13. I used to work with my juniors rather than with my seniors, i do not get satisfy with seniors, but i satisfy to juniors in terms of leading, motivating and management. there is frequently question myself that what is the problem to work with seniors, is it psychological problem or my incapability...........!