Do You Want to Guest Post on This Blog?

Life as i know it gives the most priority to its readers. As an effort to interact with the readers more, I have decided that readers should be encouraged to write guest posts on this blog. If you are interested to write a guest post on this blog, please let me know.

Life as i know it Guest Posts' List

Admitting is the First Step by Kristi Johnson
Self Improvement Through Journaling by Chris Lloyd
Creating Yourself a Medium Term Life Plan by David Whitehouse
5 Things We Can Learn about Finances from Homeless People by Andrew Salmon

Why become a guest author?

1. By becoming a guest author your blog will be exposed to the readers of Life as i know it as the post you write obviously will have a link to your blog.

2. You can have the taste of writing something different from your own blog’s niche and you can have your voice heard. For example, if you own an Online Marketing Blog and want to publish a post on Environment, you will not be able to do that in your blog. But appearing as a guest author in this blog, you can fulfill that desire.

Some guidelines

1. Guest posts must be related to the subjects discussed in Life as i know it. For example, self improvement, conscious living, motivation, peace, poverty, bringing a change, environment and life experience which is educational.

2. Guest posts will have one link going to the author’s blog’s main page or profile page or a particular post. But guest posts must not have any other links going to any other posts of the respected guest author.

3. Posts should be under 3000 characters. Posts might have pictures in it.

4. Posts must be original.

Optional: You can link to the guest post from your blog if you wish to.

How to send requests

1. First you will kindly have to write to me saying that you are interested. You will have to mention the address of you blog also so that I can have a look. After this I will get back to you and confirm your request as soon as possible.

2. After receiving confirmation, you will kindly mail me the guest post so that I can review it. If I make any changes to that post, you will be notified before I do that.

3. Sorry, but unfortunately all the posts might not make it to Life as i know it if it doesn’t suite the theme.

4. You can skip all these steps and send me the guest post right away. However, then the chances of getting featured in this blog will get slightly slimmer.

Respected guest authors will be notified by email once their posts are published.

Thanks in advance. You can use the contact form below or mail to me manually at


  1. I have never participated in a guest post, however I hear that they do wonders for your blog. Anyhow good luck, and maybe I will submit an entry sometime soon.


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  3. @JM, i visited your blog and i have to say that it is a nice one. I'd be happy to have you as a guest blogger.


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