About Me

Hi, I am irtiza104 and this is my little space in this blogosphere. I live in a beautiful university campus in Bangladesh. I am a writer, designer and a student. I feel really passionate about blogging. In my opinion, my best quality is that I'm not a quitter and I always try my level best to finish what I've started. 

About My Blog

Life as i know it is my first blog which was founded on August 1, 2008. When I first started blogging I had little or no knowledge about it. At first I saw blogging just as a way to keep an online diary. But soon realized that it was much more than that. Basically Life as i know it is a green blog aimed to inspire the world one person at a time and make this world a better place through self improvement, poverty removal, peace promotion, conscious living and conserving the environment


The articles published on my blogs are the reflection of my thoughts and observations on that particular time. The guest posts published on my blogs don't always reflect my thoughts.