Bloggers Unite: For a Free Iran

First of all, I’d like to beg the forgiveness to the people of Iran and to Neda Agha Soltan for being ignorant for so long. For not keeping my eyes open for what is happening around me. How could I be so self centered?

As I gradually started to go deeper into the current issues of Iran, I was literally shocked and at one stage- afraid. The videos, which youtube is offering us, are horrifying. The video clip of Neda Agha Soltan dying in the street of Iran made me shiver. Looking at her eyes has made me realize why people of Iran call her the “voice of Iran”. Without saying a single word she said and commanded everything that day.
Rest in peace Neda
Current condition of Iran

I’m not going to comment on whether the 10th Iranian presidential election 2009 was fare or not as I don’t understand politics that well. But I must say that a fair election is one of the most basic rights of a person. And if there is enough reason to believe that the election wasn’t fair, then the government should come forward and show some proof on their behalf. Using force and fire power is miles away from the right thing to do. And this kind of behavior will definitely go (has gone) against them. Their method of subduing the mass people by capturing, injuring and killing people will never work. The official death count by far is 32. This can be called anything but democracy and freedom.

The freedom of speech and communication has also been reduced by the Iranian government which is really a shameful act. More than five million websites have been blocked/filtered including facebook and youtube. Before announcing the result of the election on 13th June, net connection was taken away for about 45 minutes which also can arise many doubts in our minds.

A controversial vantage point

Actually the protest didn't start right away after the announcement of the election result. Even though there were a few clashes at the night of the announcement, the "current" protest started 3 days after it. And for that reason many believe that international organizations like CIA and Mossad has taken advantage of the unrest in Iran and influenced it so that it gets out of proportion. This unstable situation might help them to crawl over Iran again. For those who doesn't know, CIA lost their "strong influence" over Iran in 1979. To add to this, America doesn't like Ahmedinejad because of many issues regarding Nuclear Power.

The "possible" main reasons behind this protest

1. For the demand of a fair election and a change.
2. For taking away the powers from Ahmedinejad.
3. For taking away Ahmedinejad from the power so that America can finally have a talk with the Iranian government about nuclear issues.
4. For regaining the powerful position of CIA in Iran.
5. What's your view on this?

Our support

People of Iran, never think that you are alone. We are with you. You are not fighting alone. We know that during the protest your basic human rights have been violated badly and as a citizen of the world, we can not let that happen. We will fight with you for your rights.

Our demands

1. Stop arresting peaceful protesters and oppositions right now. Release those who were taken captive by the government just because they "shared their views".
2. Freedom of speech.
3. An open internet access.
4. End of violence in Iran.
5. I demand a “show cause” for the government for their recent activities.
6. I demand a transparent election commission.
7. CIA or/and Mossad must not stick their nose in this national issue of Iran.
Take action

1. Write a blog post and share your voice.
2. If you don’t have a blog then comment on relating posts.
3. Turn your profile pictures green or put a green badge to your profile picture. Use this to turn your twitter profile green.
4. Sign an online petition to UN.
5.Any suggestions?

Bloggers Unite has set the floor for us to unite our voices to show our support for a free Iran. As I always say, individual efforts can result in a big change when put together. So, don’t be hesitant about sharing your voice with the world. Prior to this event, I actually didn’t know much about these occurring in Iran. Thanks to Bloggers Unite for making me aware. I hope that it makes more people aware of what is going on in there.

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  1. Good info. I really didn't know it was like that. I will definitely be writing a post real soon.

  2. @Myun,
    i didnt know anything about Iran also until i came to know about the event. I am very happy that you've decided to post about this noble cause. please let me know when you have posted the article. I'd love to read it.

  3. Dear friends
    First of all -as an Iranian- I must thank you for such a nice supportive pace
    I just came to "" through a search in Google for "personal qualities" as a homework of my english class...
    but then got surprised by seeing a summon of unite for free iran... invigorating us to stand stronger
    by the way no one is hopeful that bloodthirsty supreme leader heeds any of our demands because he & his brainwashed men have organized the coupe to get rid of opposition around them...
    but we won't give up, as we have seen lot of injures & martyrs like NEDA in our streets and withdrawal is surrendering their bloods
    The last thing that we -iranian women- don't wear veil & don't camouflage our faces behind it... we mostly just wear scarf and even don't care of religious forces!
    Sarah-a protester-Tehran

  4. Thank you for posting this. Because of the crackdown on communication, the world is only able to see bits and pieces of what is going on, but it is enough to understand what the Iranian government and supreme leaders are doing is wrong. These protesters are truly brave for defending what is right. I really pray that truth, justice and peace prevail in Iran.

  5. @sarah, i'm happy to see your determination.

    can you please shed some light on the CIA issue mentioned on this post. as you are an "insider" (iranian), you might explaine this issue better.

    thanks for commenting.

    peace and best wishes

  6. @Christine, i also pray for the truth, justice and peace.

    best wishes to you, to Iranians and my country.

  7. Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog it's greatly appreciated. Yes awards are a great way to validate what we are doing and the impact we truly have on each other.


  8. It's obvious this article is from your heart. I too share your concern and am hopeful for a change in our lifetime. Thank you for your thoughtful insights.

  9. Ann martin, i must take this chance to tell you that you have the most awesome photography blog that i've ever seen.