Month Review & Reader Appreciation: June 2009

This is the start of the new series Month Review and Reader Appreciation.

Month Review

This month has been really great as long as blogging is concerned. I have blogged full time through out this month of June. Even after my summer vacation was over, I’m very happy to tell, I didn’t take any time off from blogging. I have posted 15 posts this month. Among these 15 posts 5 of my favorite posts are:

1. Bloggers Unite: For a Free Iran
2. Fight Bloggers Block and Depression
3. What Not to do to Fall Asleep
4. Bloggers Unite: Say No to Drug Abuse
5. Tipaimukh Dam Project: We Have to Protest

Random happiness

1. This blog has crossed the 100th post mark this month. The 100th post is: Bloggers Unite: Say No to Drug Abuse

2. Life as i know it stands still on PR3 after a PR update this month.

3. Chris Lloyd has answered to the request of mine and guest posted on this blog. The title of the post is: Self Improvement through Journaling

4. Two posts of this blog have been featured on which means a lot to me. The author of the blog Kristi is a great blogger and a friend of mine who blogs about social media, photography, and blogging tips. The featured posts are: Fight Bloggers Block and Depression and A Little Comparison: Part 2

Commentator of the Month

Life as i know it is nothing without its readers. I’m very proud to say that this blog has a very dedicated readership. I thank all the readers from the bottom of my heart. And it gives me great pleasure to say that, the most number of comments were shared by MindWriter this month. MindWriter is a blogger and a friend of mine from Bangladesh. She authors a personal blog.

Comment of the month

The comment of the month was shared by Timethief on Reduce Stress and Depression by Blogging. The commentator says:
"...Sometimes the simple act of writing things down can help me clarify my feelings and render them less emotionally and physically harmful. In my journal blogging I explore difficult thoughts, feelings, and situations and gain a better understanding of myself and a clearer insight into others. Blogging privately helps me analyze what's going on in my life, regain perspective on situations and people who are stressing me out, and helps me consider some options for dealing with them. It strengthens mt problem solving skills and leaves me feeling calm and collected..." read the full comment
Thank you all for being with Life as I know it throughout the month of June. I hope your love for this blog will never fade away. If you haven't already then you can subscribe to this blog's feed and stay connected.


  1. Oh my God! THANK YOU BUDDY! I didn't know that I wrote the highest numbers of comments. I guess I'm just habituated to visit your blog with every new post. Keep up the good work. We are always there to follow you. :)

    By the way, it's a GREAT idea to come up with something like "Month Review and Reader Appreciation". It really boosts up the readers! I'm really feeling honored!

  2. Mind writer, you are most welcome.

    Appreciating readers is the least one blogger can do. readers are the soul of a blog. :)

  3. Just tagged you!

  4. Writing has worked that way for me too - helping to clarify things. "Comment of the month" - great idea.

  5. Thank you for your support :)

  6. You're welcome! You have lots of great posts here, so I am happy to feature them in my Fetching Friday's. I'm glad to be part of your random happiness!

    ~ Kristi

  7. @kristy, if i ever decide to feature posts on my blog, I would definitely consider your blog. the latest series about blogging is awesome.