A Little Comparison: Part 2

These are pictures of some of the many street children of Bangladesh. Observe this pictures and compare it with your childhood. This might help you to be grateful for what you have.

Picture courtesy by Hasibul Sakib Haque. The photographer's contact id: insane_capture@yahoo.com

I often brag about my childhood and cry out loud about how miserable it was. But really it is not such a big deal. It could have been much worse. There are more than 674,000 street children in Bangladesh. 75% of them are from the capital Dhaka, the city where I am from. I easily could have been one of them.

85% of these street children never receive any assistance form the government or different NGOs. They have to fight to survive when my little brother can easily watch cartoon network. They are deprived from education, so it is really hard for them to turn their fortune around. And it is more likely that their children will also belong to the streets. In 2001 their average daily income was 0.55 us dollars. With this money they have to eat and sometimes have to support their family.

What should be the initiative to change this dirty fact? What can we do? I don’t know. But I’d like to help.

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  1. I am so very grateful for my childhood. I pray for the safety and security of people everyday. http://eachotherskeeper.blogspot.com

  2. Excellent post and well said mate :)

  3. I've just realized how lucky I am. Thank you for posting such an article. This article will help people realize that there are children out there who are not as lucky as them. People these days want more and is not contented on what they have.

    Good thing you came up with this. Hopefully a lot of people would get the chance to see and read this. We should really be thankful that we are here right now posting comments. Our childhood is much more different from what we see here.

    Hopefully we could change the world and avoid having children like this in the streets. The change would start from us, if would understand and feel what this children feel we could actually create a better future for this children.

    Great Article and great photos. Keep it up.

  4. Thank you for sharing your views. Yes, change should start from us. we should do whatever we can to help those children.

    peace and best wishes.

  5. I feel grateful every day just to be alive. We need so little to be happy, and yet greed and ambition blind us to this fact. So millions of children like this have to live in distress and poverty, because we're afraid of losing all this excess of wealth and goods we've accumulated in in our lives.

  6. thats why i never take life for granted.

  7. I'm speechless...

    moving pictures!

  8. Life should never be taken for granted. things can turn around in a day. it's important to appreciate what we have. :)