Sorry for the Late Reply

My home’s internet connection has been out for the last 8 days (I’m in my department’s computer lab now). So I was unable to entertain my readers by replying their comments and visiting their blogs. I hope that today the net problem will be fixed and I’ll be able to do what is due.

Once again, truly sorry for the late reply. I really hope that it doesn’t happen again.

Peace and best wishes


  1. Very nice sorry is a great word because its a very short but solve many critical matters so I love it. Internet connection is sometime create problems I know about it because same like you make connection was not working properly. Anyhow, No problem and thanks for telling us.

  2. I really hate it when that happens! The Internet is a big part of my daily life, i spend hours online. So when I get connection problems, it's really frustrating! I know how you feel. Hope things work out soon!