Fight Blogger's Block and Depression

We know that bloFight blogger's blockgging reduces stress and depression. It is also cool to have a web address of our own. Starting a new blog is easy, but carrying it out might be a little difficult sometimes. After posting a few blog posts, it is very natural to face writer’s block (more appropriately blogger’s block) when you will not be able to think of a subject to blog on. Being stuck in blogger’s block is a very depressing state. But with a little help you can snap out of your blogger’s block as well as blogging depression.

I am pointing out some things which will help you to fight blogger's block.

Keep a blogging diary
This has proven really helpful for me. I keep a diary/notepad beside my bed all the time and whenever a thought crosses my mind, which might be worth sharing, I point it out. Later I research about that point and before you know it, a post is ready to be published.
Don’t cross out a point without giving it a fair chance.
Read newspaper daily
This is also a great idea to get an “idea” to blog about. Read the paper and if any news strikes to you as interesting, you can do a little research about it and see if you can turn it into a blog post. One of my previous posts- Cyclone Aila: Bangladesh Takes Another Blow was influenced by a news about the cyclone which devastated Bangladesh on May 25, 2009. 7 Tied Up Deer Rescued was also influenced by the newspaper. Reading more blogs is also a good idea.
Don’t copy from newspaper or anywhere else; just get the idea and then research.
Go through the events of BlogersUnite
This is a great way to come up with an idea to blog about. Bloggers Unite is a non-profit organization which units bloggers to raise social awareness. There are hundreds of events at their site which you can join. To join an event you'll have to register which will take 1-2 minutes. After registering you will find out events which interest you and blog about those. This way not only you are overcoming writer's block, but also you are doing a noble thing by raising public awareness.

Write a review

Even though I don’t do this kind of things, I see thousands of bloggers doing it. So I guess it has some reader value. If you are stuck with your blog you can write a review about a book or upcoming movie or a new product. But personally speaking, I’d be more interested in reading a blog review from your niche rather than any product review.

Publish guest posts
This process actually doesn’t break your blogger’s block, but it will buy you some valuable time to think about a post, without making your readers wait. You can publish a post like “Do you want to guest post on this blog?” to find out guest bloggers. You can also get the help of twitter. But the best way to find a good guest blogger is by reading good blogs of your niche and contacting the bloggers one by one. But the hard work will pay off when someone will write a guest post like Admitting is the first step.
Before publishing, do a little research to find out whether the post is duplicate or not.
Interview interesting bloggers
You can publish interviews of different bloggers who belong to your niche but don’t have much exposure. In this way both of you will be benefited.
Be sure to ask questions in your first email. It will increase your chance of getting an affirmative reply.
Blog about blog improvements
You can blog about the changes you made since you first started blogging. Or you can blog about how your writing style and patterns have evolved since the beginning. You can also sneak in a post about why you picked up this niche at the first place.

Look for PLR articles
This might be a little desperate move. PLR articles and products are an inexpen$ive way to find and publish posts in your blog. For more details about PLR you can visit timethief’s “Blogging and Private label rights products”.
Make sure you rewrite the plr article. If you don’t it might be considered as a duplicate post.
Keep some posts ready
Prevention is better than cure. When you are feeling like blogging it’s better to write more than one post and preserve it for future. So, whenever you feel like you are approaching the wall (blogger’s block) use that reserved article as a ladder to overcome the obstacle.

Take a blogging break
Sometimes it is just for the best that you take a break from the blogging world and concentrate on something else. I also took a break for almost four months, but now I’m up and blogging. And I’m very happy (and a bit proud) to say that I am doing much better than before.
Consider this as your last option

We don’t just blog for ourselves; we have some obligations to our readers and subscribers. So it is best to deal with blogger’s block as fast as possible. Have you ever been through a blogger’s block? How did you manage to overcome it? You know how I deal with this problem, now how about you share your secrets?

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  1. Wow! Its like 5 a.m. where I am and this info. has definitely woke me up! Good post.

  2. I like your tips and I agree on all of them. Maybe someday I apply your tips on my own blog. Thanks! I always find your posts informative. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am having blogger's block at the moment and your tips come in very handy.

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  6. Another interesting post!

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    You won't believe if I say that I started blogging when I lost my Job. It was the most depressed time in my life. Thanks to beat depression resources and blogs. I must say that they helped me a lot.

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