Bloggers Unite: World Population Day 2009

world population day 2009World Population Day is an annual event which is observed every year on July 11. The day seeks to raise awareness about the ever raising population of the world. World Population Day started its journey in 1989 and it’s the 20th anniversary of this day. The theme of this year is “Fight Poverty, Educate Girls”. Thanks to Bloggers Unite for arranging a platform to blog about this issue under its banner.

Let's get on the same page

On July 11, 1987 the estimated population of the world was 5 billion. In 2000, world population reached 6.06 billion. And after 9 years, on this day, the estimated world population is 6,761,217,750 (and counting) which indicates a 78 million population increase per year. It is feared that world population might reach up to10.7 billion in the year 2050.
Where are you planning to house that entire people?

How are you planning to feed them?
Because of the ever rising population poverty is increasing, quality of life and standard of living is decreasing and it is also having a toll on the ecosystem and the environment. Wild species are becoming extinct 50-100 faster than they naturally do. Even though the population growth is slowing down, more than 90 percent of the current growth is triggered by the developing countries. In those developing countries, normally the number of properly educated women is much smaller, when compared to the number of educated men. Lack of female education is a major cause of population increase. That’s why world leaders are putting so much emphasis to female education to slow down this population explosion.
Change begins with you
I’d like to address another issue which is family planning and birth control. In my country of 150 million people, many care very less about these two very important issues. Millions of people living in villages (and cities too) don’t just feel shy about family planning, they hate it. They leave their family size in the hands of faith which is a direct result of poor or no education. Thanks to many myths about family planning and precautions, the path of my country’s prosperity is hampered in a great deal. For those who don’t know yet, my country- Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world, where overpopulation is considered the main problem.

Now it’s your turn

You have heard what I have to say about world population and now it’s your turn. Share your views and opinions. Are you from an economically developed country or a developing country? Is your country overpopulated or is the population of your country rapidly rising? What can be the best possible solution to this problem? Is raising awareness enough to fight this global problem?

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  1. More human lives are never a problem. Environmental doom-mongering and sustainable orthodoxies across Western institutions and public life have succeeded in turning a cause for celebration into a horror story. Thankfully there are humanists who are not prepared to let the UN World Population Day remain unchallenged. Don't let the UN exploit the issues of girl child education, family planning and women's health to support the notion that there are too many people on this planet. Check out this video at , made by young volunteers at the feisty UK charity WORLDwrite, for some sober discussion of why celebrating more human life on the planet is an essential demand for humanists today. Three Cheers for 7 billion

  2. Creditcruncher,

    Sorry, but maybe i didnt get the message. So, in a way you are supporting the population explosion? Would you please explain, by "exploiting" what do you mean?

    I respect everyone's views and i would like to know more about what you have to say about/against this issue.

    best wishes.

  3. But i must say that i will not be joining the "3 cheers" for 7 billion.

  4. Watch the video at

    I say exploiting because the exclusive outcome always prescribed by Western bodies for girl child education, family planning and women's health is LESS BIRTHS NOT MORE.

  5. What an excellent post for World Population Day! This will definitely send the message across and help inform people of the cause. We are all affected by the overpopulation problems, and we should all do our share and help spread awareness about it, or even actively do something for the cause. The rates at which the world population is increasing is really alarming and may even disrupt the balance of nature. Thanks!

  6. That's a great advice. But what form of active participation are you talking about? We are trying to raise awareness about this issue. apart from this, i honestly dont know how to participate.

    (maybe by not having more than 2 kids?)

  7. I agree, great advice. This has really got me thinking and I will enjoy spreading the word.

    Thanks for the post

  8. Volunteer work perhaps? In line with this year's theme, maybe participate in women's groups or organizations and help in teaching and sharing stories and information to women.

  9. @Uprinting, oh! how can i forget it. we can participate in those groups who teach women about family planning, human rights and basic education.