Communicate through Blogs Effectively

communicate through blogs effectivelyCommunication is the process of sharing of information between two or more individuals or groups to reach a common understanding. Oral communication is much spontaneous and most of the time easier to understand as it includes facial expressions, body language and emotion. But when it comes to written communication such as blogs, you will not be able to convey the desired message to the readers effectively if you don’t be careful. In that case you’ll fail to reach a common understanding and thus fail to communicate with your readers.
Simplicity in writing is the key to effective communication through blogs. You’ll have to maintain certain rules to keep the simplicity in writing and to keep the readers hooked.

Use familiar words

Selection of words is very important when it comes to writing. Many people believe that using difficult words in their writings enhance the beauty of their posts and reflect their intelligence. But that’s not the case at all. By using too much difficult words the writer actually kills the appeal of reading the post. In some cases difficult words challenge the intelligence of the reader, by which the reader might feel offended. Same goes for using too much technical words (words specialized for certain fields) and abbreviation. When using abbreviations, make sure that you have mentioned the full form of that at least once.
Remember, the readers of your blog might be coming from different countries, where English is not used as the primary mode of communication.
Choose short words
Short words often communicate better than longer words. If it doesn’t harm the meaning of the sentence, try to use short words instead of longer words. Between these two, which one is easier to understand:
1. The decision was based on the assumption that an abundance of readers is forthcoming.
2. The decision was based on the belief that there would be more readers.
Use concrete language
By concrete words I am referring to the words which form sharp, clear and specific meanings in our minds. Abstract words like “the majority” and “substantial amount”, has more generalized meaning which might not always be perfect to use.
A very large amount of profit has completely two meanings for a small retail shop and the Microsoft.
Try to avoid passive verbs and voice
Using passive verbs and voices too much takes away the strength of the language. So use more active verbs if it is possible.

Use examples
Try to give examples to make yourself clear. But the overuse of examples is not a good thing to do.

Never do stereotyping (must follow)
This is a fatal mistake that many bloggers and writers do. This has a very critical effect on readership. Stereotyping is the act of classifying or treating all the people of a society or community in the same way (especially in a negative way). Never ever make this mistake. When I say that “Bangladeshi’s are poor”, I am stereotyping. Because even though more than 50% people here live below the poverty line, there are hundreds of billionaires in this country. It’s just an example.

Avoid discriminating words (must follow)
Be very careful about words which can easily offend someone by its discriminating behavior. Never discriminate based on race, color, religion and gender. Be very careful when writing about “social status”.

I hope this helps you in writing better blog posts and increase readership.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that

    perfectly said.

  2. Common guidelines for a writer. Good post.

    But, it's really not possible to follow the rules all the time, you know (especially for personal bloggers). Sometimes words just come out from the heart without regard to any rules or any thought about readership. Sometimes words come out of fear, jealousy, resentment, pride and many other impressions which may hurt others feelings. Sometimes it happens inadvertently. Though, it's a very pessimistic view.

  3. A well written post with good advice for blogging. Your guidelines provide basic but sometimes forgotten important communication principles.

  4. Wow! I thought this was a personal development blog and here's a blogging tips post in it. It's well written post with valuable contents. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. @Zubair, my pleasure.

    @MW, yap common yet worth remembering guidelines. when it comes to personal blogs, rules are a bit easy going. but unless you want to offend anyone or group, it's better to avoid stereotyping.

    @RC, thank you for the complement. these are basic rules of communication, as you said. but these things are often forgotten.

  6. @timethief, welcome back!

    LOLZ, i also thought that this was a personal development blog. actually this is a "change and improvement blog" what ever that means. so i guess, this post suits this category, i a remote way...


  7. Those are definitely some good tips for those trying to communicate more effectively. And I think it's perfect for a personal development blog, because blogging can become a useful tool for those looking to share discoveries about themselves with others in hopes to inspire them. Knowing how to communicate those discoveries effectively would make it easier for those reading to really understand and gain valuable knowledge.

    ~ Kristi

  8. @Kristi, thank you for your opinion. that's a very nice way of putting it. to share your personal opinions, you should follow some communication rules, so that the readers can understand what you are trying to say.

    thanks kristi. your blog rocks.

  9. I agree about short words.. many persons who have ability to talk much think that they are fun or well-entertainer, in fact they love to spread the rumors.

    my blog :

  10. Hi Aditya,
    I agree. Short words are really easier to understand when compared with longer words.

  11. Excellent, sound advice, Irtiza! Your blog gets better and better all the time! You have come so far!


  12. Excellent post! This is a must-read for those who communicate online, be it bloggers, businesses, gamers, and everyone else.
    I love your tip on keeping one's writing simple. Keeping it simple, concise, and to the point makes one's message even more effective. Thanks!

  13. I am going to take some really good information along with me from this article, nice work. Thank you.

  14. Thank you everyone for sharing. :)