Are You Joining Blog Action Day 2009?

After the huge success of last year, Blog Action Day blog action day 2009 climate change2009 is returning with all its power and will to change the world. Last year's topic of discussion was Poverty and this year the topic has been chosen "Climate Change".

To be a part of this year's event, you are requested to commit to writing one post, in your own voice, on October 15, on the topic of climate change. Without the perticipation of the bloggers all around the world this event won't be successful. So, let's blog about climate change and how it effects us all.

You can learn more about the issue of climate change and see sample topics you might write about- like the connections between climate and clean energy, food choices, green products, health, transportation, and the broader economy- at the official website of Blog Action Day.

Climate change is a reality. Without raising our voices against this issue, without raising awareness we can not stop this. I believe that, together we can make a difference. So, let's write! So, let's do what bloggers to best.

One issue, one day, thousands of voices. Let's do it!

Register your blog at: Blog Action Day
Follow on twitter: Blog Action Day
Read last year's Post: Let's Open Our Eyes


  1. Oh nuts looks like I missed it this year. Is it around the same time every year? Definatly something I would like to take part in next year.

  2. hmmm I missed it. Look like I have to wait for next year! Thanks for the info...

  3. Love this! Hope many bloggers join in. I'm always wishing bloggers will post at least one good cause a day or week.