Asia's Best-Kept Secret

I found this amazing video a few months back on the blog of my friend Riyadh (A Walk Through Life).This video was made by some of the students of Dhaka University. Thank you Riyadh and the DU students who are responsible for creating and sharing this video.

Why shouldn't I be proud of my country?


  1. I am glad that you shared it at your place. Keep the good works coming on.

  2. bro wud u pls check out what's wrong.... the video frame is popping out of the post in the starting page of your blog..... I'm not sure whether it's my browser's problem or your blog's.
    And Good Job buddy!!!!

  3. Hi, yes i noticed it too. maybe sothing is wrong with the html.

  4. The video is very nicely made. I grew up near the Sundarbans so I love anythign that mentions it.