Feels Good to Finally Do Something

For so long, I have talked about doing something. I have talked about change and tried to motivate others. It feels great finally to do something apart from motivating through writing. Recently we have been engaged in two voluntary works which we are proud of. We have done our best (still some work left) to raise fund for a 15 year old dying young man. We have also launched a campus cleanup project. Thankfully we are getting huge response in both cases.

One of our friends’ younger brother is suffering from Compressive Myelopathy for over 2 years now. Doctors have suggested taking him to Singapore for better treatment. It will be near impossible for his family to bear the cost of Tk 3.5 million (50,000 USD) which is required for the treatment. So we decided to help them as much as we reasonably can. From the beginning of this month we have literally worked all day to help this cause. Our goal is to raise Tk 40,000 by mid December; we have raised 45% of that so far. We know that our efforts are not nearly close to their requirement. But every contribution counts, right? These small contributions will develop courage and shed some light of hope to that family; and hope is what we live for. I pray for the boy to get better soon.
Thanks to Imon for taking the initiative
The second voluntary work I was talking about is the campus cleanup project. This was the month of admission tests in our beautiful university campus. Thousands came to sit on the exams and fought for a seat in our university. The number of candidates was a record 40,000+. Great to see the popularity of Jahangirnagar University rising. But the sad thing is, the candidates come and go, and leave a load of trash and litter lying all around. We can not blame them for that, as there are just a few trash cans in our campus, maybe 3 or 4. So to notify the authority – to do something about it - we have cleaned up the trash of some “hot-places” and gladly our work was not unnoticed by them or the students & teachers. Our effort was featured in two national newspapers which was a huge bonus for us. I hope authority will act soon to clean the trash up and set up some “much awaited trash cans” to maintain the beauty of this great campus.
Thanks to Toma, Shakilah & Hridi for taking the initiative
You are welcome to share your views on this. I’d love to hear about any charity/voluntary work you have personally engaged yourself with.

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  1. sumaiya afroz taniaNovember 25, 2009 at 5:19 PM

    i appreciate your and all of your friend's effort in these works and hope to help you in future.

  2. @Tania, thanks for dropping by. we need all the help we can get. after vacation, we will talk about it in the cls.


  3. Well done. Good job! Good luck to you.

  4. Great work, buddy! Keep it up!! :D

  5. Wow. Amazing and truly inspiring what you're doing. Keep it up and know that you're changing people's lives.

  6. There are only a few people like you who can do those things. Goodluck and keep it up!