Creating Yourself a Medium Term Life Plan

Not many people plan their life out, but I am one of those people, it all started from years of depression – some how life hadn’t turned out the way I wanted it to, and nothing seemed to be going my way, so I bought a book that had a number of things in it, but one of the things was how to create a life plan. Basically you go through your life in sections, write down where you are now and where you would like to be, then you prioritize these and create a plan to achieve them – I normally do one of these every 3 months, and they really work!

Since I’ve started doing these I have managed to do the following:
  • Beaten a depression of 8 years
  • Significantly reduced the amount of physical pain I’ve been in due to trapped nerves etc.
  • Managed to get into a good job with excellent career prospects
  • Met a very beautiful woman who I am soon to marry (go me!)
  • Written a book
  • Doubled my income
And I still have lots of improvements to make. Here is the general format of how it goes:
1. Go through all the sections below, write down where you would like to be, literally picture in your mind what you want to achieve. So for example you may imagine yourself in a nice apartment with lots of money and a high powered job.

e.g. I want to get on well with my mother or I want to keep in contact with my sister

e.g. I want to see my friends more often, I’d like to join an art club

e.g. I’d like to meet a girl, I’d like to re-kindle the spark in our relationship

e.g. I’d like to save x amount or I’d like to reduce my debt by y

e.g. I’d like a promotion or perhaps I’d like to get a job in marketing

Mental Health
e.g. I want to get rid of my depression or I want to be less stressed

Physical Health
e.g. I want to get fit or perhaps lose weight

Learning and Education
e.g. I’d like to learn how to manage people better or perhaps how to arrange flowers

2. Now go through all of those points again and write down your current position.
3. Next go through each point and write out specifically what things you need to do in order to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
4. Prioritise, ideally prioritise the things that will make a big difference to your happiness and also won’t take you too long to achieve.
5. It is important that you start to work towards your long-term goals too, so make sure you take that into consideration, but remember that it is a long-term goal and that there is no rush - it will happen with time.

Now what you need to do is try and work towards these goals by adding those tasks to a to do list. Then three months down the line, check how you are doing against your goals - you may be surprised at how many you have achieved!!!

Once you have finished reviewing your improvements, your life will have changed, so make yourself another life plan - I tend to do this around every 3 months, usually this is the point where I lose direction as I have achieved everything I set out to do.

I hope this works for you guys, it certainly works for me! Best of luck and don’t ever give up!

This is a guest post from David Whitehouse, a 27 year old marketing consultant, from the UK who doesn’t give up!

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