BangladeshTalks Community: A Friendly Forum

On February 1, 2010 I have launched a forum website titled BangladeshTalks Community. As I am not an expert your feedback is really important for me to understand that the website fulfills visitor’s demands.

After blogging for more than one and a half years I thought of taking my online activity to a more committed and wider level. Moreover the lack of good Bangladeshi forums inspired me to build one myself. After some research, I launched the forum on February 1, 2010. 2 and half months have passed. Investing much time on the website, now I think it has a “presentable” structure. But now I need your feedback to know that I am on the right track.

What is BangladeshTalks Community?
The simple answer would be, BangladeshTalks Community is an online forum for people who has interest on Bangladesh. But in a broader sense, BangladeshTalks Community is dedicated to serve Bangladeshi students, Bangladeshi bloggers and webmasters and everyone else who loves Bangladesh or wants to know about this wonderful country. So, no matter what your nationality is, you are welcomed to join this friendly and informative forum. This forum is just for educational purposes. So, everything is absolutely free.

What can you get from BangladeshTalks Community?

You can enlist your blog or website and free SEO tips, hosting suggestions, traffic tips etc.

Information about Bangladesh, tourist spots, districts and divisions can be found here. (This section is under construction. We need more writers to finish it quickly)

Bangladesh Cricket video highlights, scorecards, player profiles are available here.

You can get free text books in form of PDF or PowerPoint slides. I think besides the hard copy of the text book in your bag, a soft copy in your PC will be helpful to your studies. Currently text books and solution manuals from business, economics, statistics and English discipline is available. We are working on adding more disciplines soon.

Free assignments and reports are also available in the forum to work as a good source of secondary data for your research work.

There is also a section called “subject help” where you present your query about a subject and topic and we give you the solution.

Bangla, English novels, story books, comics are also available there.

And much much more to ensure a fun time for you.

A desperate call to the readers
The forum is new but it aims to grow and serve you more. So please, your feedback is very important. I also encourage you to register to the forum, which would be very helpful. If you are a Bangladeshi blogger, can you please publish a post about this forum in your blog? Without your help the community can not grow.

Best wishes-


  1. Nice to know about the forum..
    I am going to do the steps soon :-)

  2. Thank you. I really appreciate it :)

  3. this community blog is going to be great. Any outlet where people can start making their voices be heard is a great way of uniting the people. I recently had a chance to join in a garage sale of many bangladeshi items. Now I'm glad that people like you are out there giving the rest of your people a chance t speak up their minds!