Happy Father’s Day Abbu

I can’t blog anymore. Because all I can think of now is making money through blogs and this very reason has limited my blogging skills to a horrifying great extend. Now when I think about writing a new post, I don’t think about my readers or myself or the passion that forces us to blog. I just think about keywords, ad positioning and such stupid earthly things witch cause me nothing but failure.

Today when I first sat down to write a post about Father’s day, I was trying too hard to engage the guests that I forgot the most important thing about writing this post. I mean, I lost my father when I was just 11 years of age. This post should reflect my sadness, my respect and my anger. This should not be a medium to gain or lose anything else.

Happy father’s day abbu. I wish you were here today. I wish you could see that how fast I can type now without looking at the keyboard. It would be great to have you around when I first launched my website, when I first held a paycheck in my hands. Hell, I missed you when my board exam results were published, missed you on my first day at university. I miss you every year on Eid day when I see someone spending time with their father. I usually cry when I see a father in a movie saying to his son “I am proud of you, son”. I never had the chance to hear these words from you.

I hated you so much when you were alive; you were so harsh to me sometimes. But now I miss you like crazy. I wish I could see you once again, I wish I could talk to you again; hold you tightly in my arms one last time. Why can’t we understand the value of things, until it’s too late?

I wish you were here with us, for us. Happy father’s day…

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  1. Reading this post brought tears in my eyes. Your feelings, your pain, penetrated through these words.

  2. @MW, Thanks for your words. :)

  3. What a lovely tribute to your father. I appreciated reading it so much.