Wish things were different

I must suck at friendship coz sometimes it seems like I don't have any good friend to talk to. I don't have that special friend who is always there for me. I don't want to sound girly but sometimes I to need someone to talk to.

Even in facebook I've only got 25 “friends” and I don’t even know most of them.

If only I could build a time machine...

No, it’s not totally true.

I had a good friend and I lost him. I ruined it coz my ego and my stubbornness didn’t let me see beyond what was going on. I could’ve taken things a little differently. But the kind of crap that I was going through didn’t let me do so and I did what I shouldn’t have. (This may sound like a confession and a desperate cry for…whatever…but it isn’t. Trust me)

Last couple of years has been like a nightmare for me. I have been through a lot of ups and downs. Wish things were different…

I've come across a great mind teaser. Try to guess 100 most common words in English. Try it. My score was 43. Let's see if you can beat me.


  1. Asif
    You have a very good writing skill. Keep up the good work. As far as friends are concerned, there are times you might feel you don't have anyone to talk to or to share your feelings. But things aren't always the way they usually look. There are people around you who are always there for you in your distress. You just need to recognize them. I can assure you that from my own experience.
    Wish you all the best.

  2. saptarshi,
    thanks 4 ur xcilnt comnt....

    i hope u r right.

  3. there will always be ups and downs.. you will have to find your own way.. the good thing is that you know that you are responsible for ruining the friendship, this will definitely put you in a better position in future.. wish you all the best with 'friendship'

  4. i would like to know who this anonymous person is...

  5. I can relate to that. I don't have a lot of people I can turn to. It's easy to get down. I've come to a sort of phenomenon lately. I can be happy if I want to be. You choose every thing you do, every decision you make. So do the things that make you happy. It's working for me.

  6. @juliet i think it can work for me 2. and pls dont b sad. u r not alone... take care