Trying out IE 8 Beta 2.

Hey, I’ve been using IE 7 for sometime now and was really bored with it. Firefox wasn’t working for me either. So I am pretty happy to see that the Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 is finally out. It was released for use in 27th of this month. The look is a little different from IE 7 and has a little “something” that attracted me. It has some cool new features also. Maybe now it's the time to catch up with Firefox. You can try it

I found out about it in a BlogCatalog discussion (a great way to find and know things, no matter how silly it may seem)

The next version (another BETA) will be available later this year.

Now tell me, why do you still like Firefox?

P.S. some sites made for IE7 may look odd in this version. To fix this problem just click on the ‘compatibility view’ button next to the navigation bar.
*Update: I am facing some problems with it. Going to FF3.


  1. Hmmm, I still love Firefox becoz of its loading speed and its stability. IE can be a nuisance when loading online video. However, I wil gif IE 8 a try. Thanks for the info(^^)

  2. u r welcome. remember its a beta version. not free frim bugs. but it loads faster than ie7