In Pursuit of Happiness

If you had the opportunity to change something, to redo, what would it be? No matter how hard or impossible it may seem, if life gave you a second chance, what would you do?

While I go through this busy and fast city, these thoughts often cross my mind. I can not but look at people and observe them (it’s fun when you don’t have to live his/her life). I observe the man with glasses ridding the scooter, the sleepy driver of the pajero, the bearded security guard at the shoe store. I see them looking back at the city with hope and disappointment, with lust and fear. I can almost feel their tension. Smiling fares are rare at this time of the day. Though to be honest I see some people laughing at me seeing my weird haircut…

If life gave them a second chance what would they do?

But unfortunately life doesn’t give you a second chance– you have to be fast and accurate at everything you do. Otherwise I would have put an end to our ****ing miseries a long time ago. I would have stopped him from going out that morning and then none of these would have happened. I wouldn’t have ‘gone bad’ or get 16 out of 100 in physics. We could have moved to a much nicer place than this crappy 40 years old piece of shit. Most importantly my brother would have someone to look up to.

But he went and he died.


  1. Nice post, the reality is I have to treasure now to make full use of my time.
    Life is really short, let's enjoy the process happily .
    Have a nice day, let's cheer.

  2. I personally wouldn´t change absolutely anything. At all! And I´m 100% positive about that.

    I love my life- whatever I go through - bad&good experience, it makes me who I am today. I don´t really know WHY exactly (I can explain why, but I still don´t know the root of it) but.. bad things do give us more experience and make us stronger, so yeah :)

  3. im feeling your pain using **** instead of the real word as google is a bit fickle with censorship. i would probably move somewhere else and really do things i want to like die the hair, get tatoos, and party more.(probably a violation of the blogger tos)

  4. hmm, ya, i know that the time is NOW. and it would be a lot better 4 us if we think like rayray...(i know i want to think like that)

    thnx all.


  5. Can we only pursue happiness and never achieve it?

    Do we want second chances? I think most of us want to move on. I dont think we want reruns of the same thing - that wouldnt be a happy situation.

    In your post it is not clear who went and died?

  6. it's my dad.

    thanks for your comment

  7. I am so sorry. I just lost my best friend. I won't say that I know what you're going through, but I do know about pain and loss and I'm sorry that this has happened to you.