Last Post?

I don’t know why, but suddenly I have lost the will to blog. Maybe it’s because of the language barrier. I can’t express myself properly through English. It takes me a lot of time to right the shortest of posts. I have tried to blog in bangla in other sites (somewhereinblog) but it didn’t take me anywhere as I can’t write bangla in my keyboard. Funny ha?

Or maybe it’s the result of my lack of patience. I start everything with great hopes and expectations but in most cases I leave the job undone, unfinished. Am I a quitter? I don’t want to be a quitter.

Or simply it’s because I don’t belong here. Maybe blogging isn’t my thing. Who knows? I never wanted to shape my blog in this manor. I never wanted to brag about my feelings all the time, yet I wanted to share the horrible past with you. I wanted to share the difficult times that I’ve been through. But I know I'm not doing that. I am blogging about god knows what and that pisses me off sometimes.

I started blogging to know myself better, to sort things out and not to repeat the mistakes. As I am failing to do all these things there’s no need to blog anymore.

But I don’t want to be a quitter…


  1. I started my blog with one purpose, and as of right now, it is all over the board with random topic matter. Blogs take awhile in terms of gaining readers and such. But you should do it for yourself first. Write the things that make you feel good when writing them. Don't put the pressure on yourself to write when you don't feel like it, as it will make the blog more of a chore than anything else. If it takes a turn in a different direction, then let it go that new path. Or if need be, take a break and see if you miss writing.

    Also, since can't write in the language you want, could you maybe write in that language on paper and scan it in? Then you would be sharing the things you want to.

  2. I'm not sure what makes you think your a quitter or that you're no good in English but you write very well as a matter of fact. It also sometimes took me so long to come up with a complete blog entry as I'm no good English writer. But somehow that doesn't stop me from keep going.:)

  3. @kikolani & marydane, thnx 4 ur comments... it's been helpful. really. thnx

  4. You know, the most important thing you must learn is that - don't judge yourself. What ever you write about, what ever you think of, it's a part of you and it's a part of your creativity. Why do you need to push away something you created? So, you wanted to share your life with others and write about who knows what, well .. have you ever thought about it, that maybe at that time you feel like writing about something off topic?

    Don't push yourself constantly. Just flow through the blog.

    And yes I know what you mean by having high expectations, I have those too.. often when I do something. But I just get myself down to earth and stop thinking about the future - that maybe someone would comment me.. I just do the things in the Now, and .. what the future brings.. I don't care. :) Or at least I try not to care :)

    But anyway.. don't stop blogging.
    English isn't my native language too, and I have a nice tip on how to improve your writing.
    Read a lot of internet gossip columns, about celebrities and such.
    I'm not really into that Hollywood shenanigan, but the people who write the stories, have excellent speech and GREAT vocabulary .. and they express themselves in a very cool and funky way, so it's really fun and easy to read.

    Okay now I finised.


  5. I was a quit blogging few months ago.I put too much pressure for myself because I read and reply all my blogroll everyday to keep my blog in high traffic.Now I am back with a new blog without putting any pressure on it.Sometimes I also have English problem because I only kow how to express it on my mother tongue.Treat this blog like a journal.Write whenever you feel like it.Take your time :)

  6. sweetiepie, i couldnt find ur blog. i think

  7. Don't we all get tired of blogging now and then? I do. English isn't my first language either. So, I know how it feels to write in a foreign language. You can post a single photo when you get tired.

  8. Hey! Your blog is nice and your English is good. Keep in your mind that your blog is only to provide people some useful informations... By blogging for people to give informations, you will start receiving the informations from somewhere.... Don't stop blogging.. Please share your wisdom with us... Don't worry about negative comments...

  9. I would never have guessed you have trouble expressing yourself in English... I think you write quite well.