I Hate Summer...

I have been out of home for the last couple of days. I was visiting my aunt’s house. Nothing much to explain about it except the extreme hot weather. It seemed like god has unleashed hell upon us. Uff…it was so HOT! In fact it’s still burning outside. I am thankful that now I’m in my room. I hate summer. It’s just full of sun, sweat and tiredness. You don’t wanna go out- but you have to. You wanna take a shower- but you can’t right away as the water is too hot...

By the way, the result of the H.S.C. exam will be out on the 4th of this month (according to a daily). Hoping to get a GPA of over 4.5… let’s see what happens. Pray for me OK?

Take care.

(Actually today I’m extremely happy, :D)


  1. I can relate to the post because the conditions are the same in India as well!

  2. hmm...i think u should no that i m from bangladesh...hihi...we r neighbours...takecare