When Do You Feel Ashamed?

I have picked up this habit lately. Just sitting in front of the computer for countless hours is making me lazier. I don’t study, I don’t eat, I don’t even go to the bathroom…I just sit there reading other’s blogs and feel happy to see that I’m not the only one who screwed up his life.

No. The war in Georgia doesn’t concern me. The death of thousands of soldiers and civilians in Iraq and Afganistan doesn’t make me cry. The lack of concern of the world leaders doesn’t make me think. I don’t even feel ashamed when I see the person I voted is selling my country away.

I feel ashamed when I can’t play NFS Pro Street because my pc isn’t powerful enough.


  1. I like you blog; it's interesting and down-to-earth.

  2. i feel ashamed on politician, when they do not find any solution of big disputes, which are based on religion discrimination. as hindu and muslim.

  3. i feel ashamed when i pass gas (with voice o r without voice) around any girl. it is really embarrasing moment for me.