Teaching a 9 Year Old

Teaching a 9 year old is not so easy. Each and every single detail and technique has to be explained. I don’t know about you but to me that’s a pretty hard job. But you know what…it feels great when that little person does the job right and thanks you for the help.

I am talking about my little brother who is now in class 3. Today he came to me with some math problems.

A couple of months ago when my H.S.C. exams were going on I wasn’t able to spend time with my bro. I had to study 12-14 hours a day and didn’t have much time to socialize (sorry to use this word but couldn’t find another). Now I am very happy to be able to give much needed attention to my bro. He is a really sweet kid and I love him sooo much. He's the hero of our house.

Tell me about your relationship with your bro/sis… (if you want)

I have changed my template to this one (white minima 3 column) after hearing some comments about my previous one (rounders 4). I don’t know if it was a wise decision. What do you think? Any suggestions would be valuable.


  1. Teaching youngsters is really challenging - I´m a badminton coach and.. I love it when I teach them something and they do it as I described it :)
    I have always disliked explaining with long\difficult words. (kinda pointless really, there´s no intelligence behind learning tough words by heart)
    From the first moment I started explaining stuff till.. now (helping my friends with university) I´ve always tried to explain everything very child-like.. or I don´t even know if that´s a word :D but I always try to bring very very easy examples and make everything very understandable and.. that works superbly with kids :)

    I like this template :) but.. in my humble opinion you could make a colourful logo (picture maybe?) and you could also seperate the sidebars with.. somekind of a background colour, 'cause then it won´t seem like it´s all just one text or something :)

    take care!

  2. Excellent!

    It is good that you spend time with your borther like that. He needs your social support. I know this to be true because when I was his age that is what I wanted from my older sister.

    Keep encouraging him! You are doing a good work!

  3. @rayray, i couldn't agree with u more.
    yeah, i m thinking about adding a header pic but having some problems. i think i'll be able to add it soon.

    @Bible Devotions, yeah i'll try my best give him all the support he needs. I M ALWAYS THERE 4 U MY LIL BRO...

  4. Thank God I'm the youngest in the family so I don't get to tutor anyone except the family dog. I get a lot of tutoring though, but I guess my sisters are not good at it the reason I get terrible grades. Hahaha. By the way you said in your profile that you are glad to have me drift your way. Well, thank you, it was quite honest and touching. I feel the same way too about coming to your blog. You seem like a really wonderful person and I am honored to be putting a few words into your blog. Thank you. You are welcome to visit mine. It would be a great honor. Here's the link:

  5. Your new template blog is good, white background with 3 columns and view entire in a browser. Your template is same with mine
    Adding a header pict ?. Original template is no header picture, for this i don't know yet, sorry.

  6. @hanging on a hyphen, nice to know that ur sisters tutor u...
    i'm just a newbee and i'm flattered

    @Akhmad sofwan, ya the original 1 doesnt have a header pic but i'm trying 2 add 1

    thnx 4 commenting friends

  7. well you do have a lot of consistent readers.....

    would you like to exchange link?

    comment be back if yes

    The Way It Is

  8. i hate teaching:)
    and to ur own siblings..
    its a headache..

  9. I find the best way to teach them is to start roaring the answer and telling them how stupid they are for not knowing it.

  10. I'd make a lousy teacher, no patience when it comes to kids, which is why I don't have any, lol.

    The template is fine. I have a rounders template so I'm biased, :)

  11. I would appreciate that you take time & make efforts to help your younger bro....I too have had a great relationship with my bor & sis.Being the middle one among the three, my elder sis always helped me out, which i followed with my younger bro.It works great this way.