Think Before You Leap

One of my major problems is that I usually don’t think before taking any action and for that I have to regret later (if not suffer).

For a long time I have been wanting to join the army or study in English Literature. Then why the hell did I get myself admitted in IBA ‘coaching’? One month ago I didn’t even know the full form of IBA (Institute of Business Administration or is it Institution?). I can’t figure out why I wasted all that money, time and energy over IBA coaching? I could’ve been developing the base for my higher studies in English Literature instead.

When will I start to learn from my mistakes?

Oh I almost forgot…

I had a little fight (don’t worry mom, it wasn’t a ‘physical fight’) with two of my classmates (of course in IBA coaching) over nothing. I have to learn to control my anger. It’s becoming a major issue. It’s not wise to make enemies everywhere you go.

I have caused enough damage to myself as well as to my family. I want this to end…


  1. Hey! :)
    Just read your last post, and I must say that what ever happens and who ever get in your way, don't ever give up your dreams!! If you want to study English literature then what the hell are you waiting for?????
    By all means, money is important in life and I understand when you say that you have put a lot of money in your studies right now, but .. if you imagine yourself now doing something for the rest of your life , that you don't even like, well I mean we only live once and only once can we fulfill our true desires!

    So think about what you want, and act up on it. It's your life, I bet you want to make the best of it!

    Take care, and I hope things will work out for the better.


  2. hmm...
    i should've thought this way...

    thnx 4 ur comment ingrid

  3. I would say Irtiza, not you should have but you should, that's it. Start thinking more positive! Remember the more positive you are, what goes around comes around. The more positive you are, the more positive things that are going to happen in your life.

  4. One thing came to mind when reading was one of my favorite quotes "In a world of unlimited possibilities, I am what my mind chooses to be". What do you wish to be? Then be it!

  5. @all, thanks 4 ur comments. i'll try to sort things out before it's 2 late...thnx

  6. You reminded me of my own stupidities when I was at your age. I had an A+ in H.S.C. and was ambitious enough to go for DU, BUET, MEDICAL and IBA altogether (My biggest stupidity!!!). I took coaching for IBA and BUET but my dream was to be in DU. Then why the hell I took those coaching, I still wonder. With a little bit of overconfidence, I couldn't get into either BUET, MEDICAL or IBA. Confidence level came down to ZERO by then. Life seemed to be ending. I don't support being in a Private University (No offense meant to anybody!) and my only option was to get into DU. I was at the verge of panic attack! Eventually I got into DU but couldn't give my best performance, so couldn't get my favorite subjects. Life has given me another chance after that, to recover that loss and being one of the top student of my department. Now I've realized that all that we lack at those moments of taking right decision is FOCUS! We care about what other people are doing rather then what I should do.

    Let me stop. Sorry for the huge lecture. By the way, YOU WRITE BEAUTIFULLY. Seek your goal towards writing rather than BBA.

  7. MW, thanks for your comment. it was helpful. But there's a problem, as i was rejected by the army (64th bma lc) and got the chance to study in BBA in JU i am stuck here now. btw, i will try out next year for the army...