I am Not a Terrorist

A few days back someone in the chat room was flooding the room with “violent words” against the Muslims and was saying that we are terrorists. I decided to PM that person and have a chat. It was really upsetting for me to see how he was (and probably is) pointing fingers at my religion. And the sad part is I can’t blame him for that. The way some organizations (and the media) are presenting Islam is very heartbreaking.

(I’m not here to spread my believes neither it’s a religion based blog, but I’d like to clear some things and get it of my chest. Please, correct me if the information given below is wrong.)

The first thing to know is the meaning of the word ‘Islam’. The word ‘Islam’ comes from an Arabic word ‘Salaam’ which means ‘Peace’ (but written something else in ‘wikipedia’. If anyone knows the correct meaning of the ‘word’, please contact). Islam doesn’t and didn’t encourage war or terror in any way. The fundamentals of our religion are completely against War. When I said this to that person (mentioned above) he brought the issue of Jihad.

Most people now don’t know what Jihad truly is. They are misled as many terrorist organizations fight against mankind in the name of Allah (the God of the Muslims) and they like to call it Jihad.

You should know that Jihad is not a war against mankind. It’s a war against injustice or it can be fought when the very existence of the Muslims are at stake. It doesn’t involve suicidal attacks or killing innocent women and children. Killing thousands of innocent people working in the World Trade Center is nothing but Murder. Comparing it to something holy like Jihad is nothing but ignorance.

Yeah, at this moment we Muslims are a bit ignorant than the westerns and the terrorist organizations rip the full benefit out of it. They use the words of Allah in such a manner that we often feel confused. They use it to recruit new men or to get support and they are pretty successful at it. Thanks to our will to stay in the dark.

I don’t know what else to say except the fact that I hate when someone calls me a terrorist just because of my choice of religion.

I have posted a discussion named “Does Terrorism Belong To a Certain Religion?” on BlogCatalog. Many wise people have given their opinion. I think you would like to read it.


  1. I live in Indonesia and I never despise the Islam, really... I always try to be friend with them because I know the real Islam won't do anything like that. But you know, there are always some people in a religion who create an bad impression to others and I see some of the Islam in Indonesia dislike chinese like me.

    I do wish both Islam and Chinese can unite and bring Indonesia become a better country. But... the fact keep dissapointing me.

    I know you're not Terrorist, they only use the name of "Jihad" as an excuse to carry their action. So don't be sad, I know there are many people good like you out there.

  2. I'm aware that Islam means "peace". I'm also aware that not all Muslims are terrorists. I am likewise aware that the tenets of your faith do not support violence or war. Just like the Christian tenets found in the New Testament they are teachings focused on peace.

    All religious groups have extremists factions that do not walk the talk of their faith. In the case of Christians the jihad or "holy war" can be interpreted as an the struggle between good and evil that occurs inside every individual.

    Peace and joy be unto you. May your life be richly blessed with family and friends who respect, trust and love you, as well as, encouraging and supporting you in all you do.


  3. I am so sorry that you were hurt in this manner. Yes many people are very ignorant about Islam and as we know ignorance breeds contempt and fear. This is not a failing of yours rather it is a failing on the part of the ignorant.
    May you find peace and solace.

  4. Sorry, you had to experience that in your chat room. Unfortunately it is very hard to teach or change the mind of the ignorant. Fortunately not all of us are that ignorant.


  5. I am sorry that the ignorance of others is causing a misinterpretation of Islam and its underlying message of peace. I am a Catholic and have faced persecution because I am (according to some of our more intelligent Americans--note the sarcasm)not a real Christian. I can't even begin to figure out that logic. Anyway, as we Catholics say to each other each mass, I say to you: "Peace be with you, brother." Personally, I believe that there is only one God, called by many names, and he loves us all, just as we love him in the way we know how, following the many paths he has left for us to follow. God alone has the power to judge what lies in the heart and soul of another. As hard as it is, stand firm in your faith and be proud, waiting with the rest of the believers in love and tolerance to outnumber the hatemongers. We may only find peace in eternity, but fortunately this world is only temporary.

  6. sayzlim, timethief, renee, collete, tess@ thanks for your comments.

    timethief and readers@ i forgot to tell that in Islam to (as tt said) Jihad means 'the struggle between good and evil that occurs inside every individual'

  7. YOU TELL THEM! I'm so backing up everything you just wrote here! People who commit murder and use religion as a reason why to do so, are just ignorant and it really has nothing to do with a persons spirituality of religion.
    So many people have been mislead by this and it just sickens me how so many people think that Muslims are terrorist ??!?!?!!!! I just can't get it thorough my think skull how people just ain't thinking and lash out senseless words that really don't have any truth behind them.

    :) Thank you for writing this post!
    And I'm sorry for what you had to face in that chat room..
    ..but I know that you know better than that and you will not hold any grudge on that person.. he is just plain blind and stupid about that specific subject!!!

    Take care :)


  8. ingrid@ no, i dont have anything against him now... we had a 'long c8' that day...i m not angry at him

  9. hey u may be talking about my post

    i swear i really had a terrible experience which made to believe that all muslims are terrorist..

    but, u can see in my post that i haven't completed it.it's still incomplete..
    this is coz if i write whole incident that many readers of my blog ll become anti-muslim.
    so i don't want to create any fiasco..
    also i have a great respect for Islam as religion..
    i hope i haven't hurt u..

  10. I think any organized religion is, and has been, capable of terror in it's name. Look at the millions of people who died all through the middle and dark ages because of Christianity! They can hardly call a few thousand recent Muslim-attributed deaths worse than what they did and continue to do, when they do things like tell people in Africa that condoms don't prevent AIDS. That's murder too, as far as I can tell.

    I have plenty of good Muslim friends, and know what the realities are, and what the score is.
    I subscribe to neither religion personally, but don't hold it against anybody else if they do.

    One thing I do hear from old friends in England though, is that the Muslim immigrants there are demanding rights to things that most English people don't feel are fair, and they are afraid their kids will have to listen to laws they didn't create or agree with, because of it.

    I think it's the same for anybody who chooses to emigrate, (which I did, and now live in America) you should respect the culture of the land you move to, not try to take it over or change it. Many English Muslims aren't doing that, and it's causing trouble.

  11. I think... perhaps... let our heart for forgiveness. Revenge will always be replied with new revenge, and never ending. Maybe forgiveness will calm down the hate feelings.

  12. I think... perhaps... let our heart for forgiveness. Revenge will always be replied with new revenge, and never ending. Maybe forgiveness will calm down the hate feelings.

  13. No religion justifys terrorism. It is the terrorists for their political gain who uses religion and its blind followers. True followers of religion should fight against the terrorists who are hijacking all religions of the World.So let me ask you what you did to prevent hijacking of your religion by terrorists?

  14. @charakan, thanks for your comment.

    answering your question: i did and do talk about this issue. i think about this issue and hopefully make others to think. i also blog about it. till now i have done this to prevent the hijack!!!


  15. hello =)
    i'm so happy to read this =)
    you gave me ideas to show to people that muslims are not terrorists...
    Terrorism has no religion...
    I'm really happy to read this..
    I'm Christian, and i was like some people...i taught arabic people and muslims were terrorists..all because of media!!!
    but since i met muslims, and understand their world, i could realize that they are not like people describe them...
    all this is just organizations, that use Islam world, that makes people have afraid of them, while they difame islam... they are sinners, and no muslims...
    really thanks for this post... :)

  16. Ricky, i'm really happy to see that you are interested in knowing. many people just tend to follow the crowd without knowing (often ignoring) the facts.

    i am happy to have you as a reader.