Oh Boy! The Big Day is Here!!

Yes, the day is finally here. After two months of anticipation my result is going to be published tomorrow at 2PM. A little over 14 hours is left. I don’t want to get my hopes too high but I have this weird feeling that I’m going to get the perfect GPA (that’s 5 or A+). I know that I studied a whole lot less then the most dudes and gals in my class - in fact I hardly studied four or five months in those two years - but there's nothing wrong in dreaming big.

Primary Objective(s):
1. To get A+ in Physics (I got 16 out of 100 in the annual exam, so I have to get A+ now)
2. To get A+ in Math (my teachers have really underestimated me, so I have to show them what I can)
3. To get A in Bangla (there’s a huge chance that I might get A-)

Secondary objective(s):
1. To get a GPA 5 or A+ (average of 5 subjects)

Whatever the result is, actually I’m just too damn happy that my college days are over. It was nothing but a nightmare for me. Those two years have changed me a lot. In fact I can easily say that they have made me a completely different person. I sincerely pray not to have to face that shitty situation again.

Best of luck to all my year mates…