Just Rambling...

At this moment I don’t have any specific topic to write about. But sill feeling the urge to write. It’s been over 24 hours since I posted my last ‘post’ and I just cant wait to write another.

As you may know I said in one of my previous posts that the result of my H.S.C. exam will be published today. But that’s not what happened. Now it seems like it will be out on the 10th of September. I’m a bit disappointed to see the delay. Damn those newspapers… they will write anything to increase sells.

By the way it’s the 3rd day of Ramadan. I don’t actually pray all 5 times a day and to be honest I pray just once a week. But I sincerely try to fast (‘fast’ as if ‘starvation’) during the month of Ramadan. For those who don’t know about Ramadan and fasting I recommend going to this site. You can also participate in this BC discussion.

The tigers of Bangladesh (the notional cricket team) have disappointed me once again. Not only they have lost the series to Australia, they played really bad. I mean REALY REALLY BAD. I am a huge fan of the Tigers but if they continue to play like this, it will be hard for me to win arguments against my friends when they say ‘Tigers can’t play’.

But I’m sure as hell they will bounce back on the next and the last game of this series…or in the home series against New Zeeland…or in the next series…. Best of luck to the Tigers. More info on Bangladesh is cricket available here.

To much rambling?

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  1. Just rambling today, want an honest comment here people…

    Fear, the one emotion he disgusted. Still it was the one he loved.
    It haunted his every step, made him feel alive. It’s said that a
    man who acts with courage without fear is reckless, while a man
    that shows courage, even though he’s afraid, is brave.

    No matter how good, or true the story is. It still does not help him
    with his own fears. His last words to her were of love. Love and
    a promise to keep. Perhaps more of his own good then hers, but
    he needs to know. He had to know before risking it all. His heart,
    loyalty and even his sanity.

    When she gets back he will ask her, check how she fared. Any other person
    might find him annoying. Might find his questioning intruding and
    untrustworthy. All he can hope is that she will understand. Understand,
    that it’s not because he doesn’t trust her he’s questioning her, but
    because he cares for her, loves her and trusts her. He questions her.

    Because he needs to know… Is she worth risking it all for?…