Do You Love What You Do?

Loving what you do is crucial. I am not only talking about loving your job- which you have to do for a living- but also about most of the things that you have to do in everyday life. It’s very important to do what you love as it let’s you find peace in your heart.

Don’t let other’s pressure you to do something that you don’t wanna do. Learn to say NO. Today I did something- which I didn’t wanna do- just because I couldn’t say no. I know that many of us have this same problem. They just can’t say no and as a result do something that they shouldn’t have done and regret later.

My friend, we all have to learn to stand for ourselves and to do what we wanna do. We all have a dream and we should have the courage to at least chase it. We should try to make most of our lives by doing what we love. But we’ll have to be careful not to hurt someone in the process.

If someone loves to beat up little kids and to steal from a blind man I can’t help him with that. I’ll just think that he has no conscience. Almost the same goes for the person who doesn’t love helping out others.



  1. I agree with you. If your heart is not on what you're doing there is a detachedness to it. Sort of like being an expectator in your own life.

  2. couldn't agree with you more... enjoy life and live life to the fullest!