Self Development

Through personal experiences I have been able to point out some things which might help one to develop his/her inner self. At least I know that these things have really worked for me (if not still working). This post doesn’t necessarily give someone the solution to become a better person but shows him/her the way and points out the obstacles those are blocking the path (I hope so). The solution- my friend- you have to find.

1. Know yourself: To me it’s the most important thing to learn. Try to learn almost everything that can be learnt about you. e.g. What’s your favorite color? Don’t just say that blue/pink is the one. Try to know the reason why it’s your favorite. Criticize yourself. Judge yourself. Try to be aware of your advantages and limitations. This will definitely help you to make right decisions. Then no one else will be able to judge you.

2. Be truthful to yourself: No matter what you do never lie to yourself. You have a sense of right and wrong. So go ahead and trust it. It will not let you to do any harm to you or the person next to you.

3. Think: Think before doing anything. Don’t say every first thing that comes to your mind. Try to fix a goal first and then go for it. This will lessen your hesitation (I’m working on it).

4. Control your anger: I have a really bad temper (am working on it) and this has caused me much trouble. So I know very well the importance of controlling one’s anger. Anger blocks our mind from thinking straight, from doing what we should do. (But sometimes anger is a good thing and I hope that you are aware of it).

5. Don’t be too selfish: Think about others. Think about helping the person next to you. Think about how to improve the current condition of the world. You’ve got a power to make this world (your society) a better place. Use it. Care about other’s feelings. Spend time with your friends and family. Ask them if they need any help. Smile and teach others how to smile.

These are some things that you might wanna do. How you do it is a completely different thing.



  1. Great tips! Anger management is key. lol

  2. Hello there,

    I do believe you have been reading my blog and learning. Yay!

    I think all of your self improvement or personal development points are relevant and that you have expressed them well.

    I like the way you "deep linked" to your earlier post using the correct anchor text ie. the title of the post you are linking to, rather than the useless "click here".

    You have "Labels" and I assume that means categories and/or tags. On this post you have: Labels: Peace Promotion, Self Development

    I suggest that you could add "personal development" because it's a common synonym for self improvement that comes up well in Google searches. Three other good tags for this post would be would be "anger management" and "self control" and "conscious living".

    Conscious living is about being aware and thinking before speaking or doing and it's also being sensitive, kind and supportive to people around you like your family and friends.

    I'm really pleased with the progress you are making. :)

    P.S. the best way to learn how control anger is not to "stuff it down" but to find a constructive way to expel it. Some people find that exercise works for them.

  3. I'm so excited that I'm posting again to give your more advice. I forgot to say that conscious living also includes respect for the environment and peace.

    IMO the keywords for your blog are: conscious living, peace, personal development, relationships, self improvement

    The categories your have listed here at BC are: personal, relationships

    If you wanted to change them you could choose: personal development, self improvement

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    Here are some examples: your key words could be linked to another bloggers's post with that same phrase that you can locate by typing the phrase into Google Blog Search. The search will produce lots of posts for you to choose from and you can select the one to link to that's most appropriate.

    Next you will have to develop a BC Profile that you can use for Technorati and for other social networks too. And, you need to develop a blog description of 25 words or less.

    Best wishes for happy blogging :)

  4. TT & dr.nicole@ thanks for your comments and yes i've been reading both of your blogs.

    TT@ you dont know how much happy i am right now. the tips u have given me is sure to give me benifits, so i'd get right on it.

    yes, i forgot to mention it in my blog which you have pointed out about controlling anger. working out and outdoor games help alot.

  5. Very good self development tips. Especially knowing yourself. That one takes the longest, and since we all grow and change, it is a continuing process.

    Being true to oneself, in terms of always living by your own values, will bring inner peace.

    Thinking things through and making sure the actions you are planning to take fit with your ultimate goals and values will prevent you from doing the wrong thing.

    Controlling anger involves re-thinking situations, and responding to them vs. reacting to them.

    Not being selfish has a great benefit - the knowledge that we are doing something to make someone else's life better. Who could say anything bad about that?

    Great post!

    ~ Kristi

  6. Excellent article, I added it to my Squidoo lens, learning to live with yourself.